DeSantis Takes Center Stage as He Tears Into Fauci

The darkest days for the Democrats are still ahead of them as the next voting cycle comes closer. All of their illustrious candidates have smeared themselves in the mud over COVID-19, so there is no one to stand and compete in the upcoming elections. Joe Biden was supposed to be the best that the liberals had, but he has proven to be a worthless entity in the grand scheme of things.

The time to shine for the Republicans is now. The Democrats are sinking quickly, and now is the time for real leaders to rise to the challenge and undo all of the damage that the liberals have done. They are so bad that even the Democrats on the Supreme Court cannot vote to support many of the illegal things they are doing to people.

One person that scares the socks off of a Democrat is Ron DeSantis. His leadership and people-oriented approach to politics have set him apart from the rest of the political crowd. If he were to bid for the 2024 presidential election, he would win the nomination without even trying.

The liberal media wants to taint his image now, so no one will want to take him seriously when the time comes. But so far, the only thing they have been able to do is to make themselves look foolish.

The mighty governor was back out with the people during the 2021 Gulf Coast Jam. It is the largest concert to be held in the country since the pandemic destroyed everything. With over 22,000 people in attendance, the governor took the stage to stare Democrats in the face and prove that he is not to be messed with.

The Democrats have tried hard to keep up with the man, but all they can do is fall further behind. The more he does for the people, the better he looks like a man worthy to sit in the Oval Office. Joe Biden has long forgotten that a president is supposed to serve the people. And so far, all he has done is sit in his office collecting dust.

But when Ron DeSantis comes out on the stage, the crowd goes wild like their featured band just showed up. One report showed that “It’s the first major, over 20,000 people in population event that I’m aware of, that Billboard Magazine is aware of and that Rolling Stone Magazine is aware of (in the U.S. since COVID-19). After this weekend, it’s a house of cards and they just fall everywhere. There (will be) thousands of them across the country.”

What is said in this statement alone is at the heart of every American still sitting on their couches waiting for their liberal leaders to get voted out or recalled. People want to be in the outdoors and getting back to life. There is not a soul around that believes the virus is much of a threat any longer.

The great thing about the concert is that all masks were optional. People were already excited about seeing each other’s faces. But when Ron DeSantis was called onto the stage, the place erupted in cheers and applause.

The popularity of DeSantis has to be a wake-up call to the nasty Democrats. They cannot sit back and honestly think that they can beat him should he run for president in a few short years.

The Floridian governor got the crowd all excited when he stated, “Florida chose freedom over Fauci-ism. My message for other states and other countries: open your states, open your schools, let people live their lives, don’t make them wear masks.”

Fauci continues to push mask-wearing even after his involvement in the COVID-19 investigation was revealed. He continues to tell people if one mask is not enough, then go ahead and puts three on one’s face. Triple the protection, triple the nonsense from a man that is supposed to be educated.

DeSantis is the man to beat in the Democrat’s minds. The only problem they face is that there is not one person in their party that has the guts to stand up and compete with a man that makes sense to the country.