Harris Proves Once and for All She Has No Clue on How to Handle the Border

Kamala Harris has no idea what she is doing. She believes that for her to fix the border crisis, she must fly to every country in Central America and speak with their leaders. She wants to discuss in detail the root causes of the issues facing American security. She hopes that these leaders will somehow provide a better way of living for their people, so they stop coming to America.

The part that she does not understand is that these leaders could care less what is happening in America. Every country has problems, and if people want to leave and go where it is better, they will up and move.

The facts are that Biden and Harris have made it attractive for these people to come to the north by opening the border and killing all of the safeguards that Donald Trump put in place. The purpose of her travels was to look at the causes of the problem. But to talk about the causes, she must first be able to identify what those issues are.

Harris is a woman that is full of herself. While on the plane, she decided that everyone would want food that had her picture plastered all over it. She has no problem acting like a pointless queen and shafting the people she should serve as a vice president.

Her popularity took a significant hit when the plane landed. The Guatemalans told her to get out of their country. They did not even recognize her as the vice president because they chanted that Donald Trump won the election and Biden was the loser. She is an illegitimate politician.

Harris wants to make the point that the issue at the border is not America’s fault but rather the fault of southern nations. The problem is not what is happening in other countries but rather what the Democrats are doing with American immigration policies. They created a mess and now want to blame everyone else for their troubles.

Harris even admitted that visiting the border would be a pointless effort. The point would be to identify the issues and find solutions to make them stop. But Donald Trump already did that, and they destroyed what worked. So now they need to find some other way to manage their troubles.

Kevin McCarthy would note that “A reporter just asked VP Kamala Harris why she and President Biden have refused to visit the Southern border to see the crisis firsthand. Her response—delivered from a podium in Guatemala—was that going to America’s border would be nothing more than “grand gestures.”

As hard as she may try to act like she knows what she is doing, she shows how incompetent she is. It is impossible to talk about causes when she does not know what those causes are or look like.

And since the Guatemalan president Alejandro Giammattei agrees with his people that Biden and Harris are fakes, he wants nothing to do with her. Giammattei came out on national news and flat out told Harris that the changes she and Biden made to American immigration laws allowed smugglers to start hauling kids to the north in massive numbers.

Giammattei stated that “The message changed to ‘we’re going to reunite families and we’re going to reunite children. The very next day the coyotes were here organizing groups of children to take them to the United States.”

Harris found out the hard way that no one is going to buy into her lies. The smugglers will keep kidnapping kids and bringing them north until Biden sucks up his mistake and admits Trump was right. He will have to put back into force the very laws he wanted to remove.

Two different international leaders have told Harris the same thing. And both times, their words have fallen on deaf ears. Ted Cruz was quick to point out that “everyone seems to get it except the Biden/Harris team.” Until they are willing to listen and stop acting like know-it-all’s nothing will get better at the southern border.