DeSantis: One, Two, Three You’re out Fauci

Anthony Fauci is a man that thinks very highly of himself. Even though he is linked with the secretive attempt by the Chinese to develop a viral weapon, he thinks he is God’s gift to the world. The statements that he makes on television are confusing at best. And most of the people in the United States have come to hate seeing his appearance on national television. And yet, he thinks that everyone loves him.

That is everyone but Ron DeSantis. The Florida governor continues to attack and tell the truth about the short little man. Fauci once talked horribly about the way DeSantis handled things in Florida during the pandemic. While at the same time telling people that Andrew Cuomo did everything right.

Time has proven that the opposite is true. DeSantis did everything right, and Cuomo screwed up. He sent people to their deaths and then covered up the evidence. And Fauci thinks that Cuomo did everything right. Of course, Fauci did the same thing when he allowed forbidden research funding to continue, which led to the virus being created.

DeSantis is not taking the small man’s attacks sitting down. He says that Fauci’s rise to “sainthood” came from a pack of “charlatans” that hated Donald Trump so much that they needed someone else to give credit for the vaccine creation and pulling the country through the pandemic. So they chose Fauci. And, of course, he was willing to go along with the plan.

DeSantis noted that “If you’re going to pick someone to be your liberal hero, they seem to be picking the wrong people.” He pointed out how crooked the media was in reporting the correct methods of each person.

He also stated that “I mean to pick Cuomo, the guy’s had a lot of problems. And then they elevated Fauci to basically sainthood, and yet we’ve seen Fauci’s been wrong about so many different things, and clearly, he wasn’t honest with the American people about the origins of COVID.”

They exalted a man because a group of people cannot give credit where credit is due is despicable. DeSantis mentioned that “So if you’re going to try to create a hero against your bad guy, if it’s Trump or whoever else, at least get it right. It seems like the people they’re picking end up having a lot of problems.”

The Democrats made it their mission to fight Donald Trump on every point during the pandemic. And now that his methods have proven effective, they want to take the credit for all of his hard work. They could not bring themselves to work with him while he was in office. And they cannot give him credit for past successes.

One area that they could not seem to work with him on was the idea that certain drugs could be used to fight COVID-19. So the liberals worked with the media to find a bunch of ignorant doctors to do pointless studies that the media could publish in an attempt to disprove the president’s statements. And what they found was that the drugs were effective in many cases, but they only told stories about the ones that did not work.

Fauci’s rise to fakeness is only because Joe Biden cannot admit that Trump was right all along. The Democrats promoted Fauci to the frontman that would ultimately be a wrong move for them as he would arrogantly take the position and feed his small ego with it. He would start to act smart when he was coming across as ignorant.

Ron DeSantis tells the truth as it comes across his desk. His statements are grounded in fact, so it is next to impossible for the liberals to disprove the things that he says. He just has a way of putting people in their place when they come out to attack. And Fauci is not an exception to the rule.

Ron DeSantis did the impossible during the pandemic and kept Florida open and people working. The media hated his decision, but in the end, he was proven to be right in the decisions that he made for the people.