News Host Believes Biden’s Trip was “An Unmitigated Disaster”

Popular Fox News host Laura Ingraham gave her opinion on Biden’s performance during his European trip in a recent “Ingraham Angle” episode. She declared that President Joe Biden was likely unaware that his first foreign trip and G7 summit was “an unmitigated disaster.”

Ingraham said with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek that, “Even Jill’s goofy jacket couldn’t save him.” She then pointed out that First Lady Jill Biden wore a “LOVE” jacket similar to the “I DON’T CARE” jacket once worn by former First Lady Melania Trump.

The Fox News host gave details of how Biden couldn’t come up with the right words, so he resorted to simple euphemisms. She then played a clip of Biden unable to simply say, “The proof is in the pudding.”

The Ingraham Angle also showed President Biden losing his composure during a press conference. He was calling reporters from a notecard, but when CNN’s Kaitlan Collins shouted a follow-up question as he turned to leave, Biden became heated and strongly rebuked the reporter.

“Anyone who thinks that way should go into another line of work,” he said in response to one of her questions. She was asking about the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. She wanted to know what incentive the president and ex-KGB agent had that might keep him from allowing cyberattacks from within Russia. These kinds of attacks have lately crippled sectors in the United States like energy and commodities.

Ingraham answered the question from the CNN reporter, “The answer, of course, is zero under Joe Biden, because he speaks softly and carries a big foam pool noodle.”

Ingraham also warned about the consequences to Biden being outmaneuvered by Putin. And she couldn’t let it stand that Biden lashed out at the same reporters that likely voted and even campaigned for the president. She remarked that since he’s been around since Leonid Brezhnev, he should know by now that the press will grill an American president after a summit with a Russian leader.

Ingraham said that Putin ran circles around Biden and that the president failed to push back on the Russian leader’s habit of speaking false equivalencies to U.S issues such as racial tensions and urban crime.

The White House said the goal of the summit was to continue work toward a “stable” and “predictable” relationship with Russia. But there are experts that believe the president may have played his cards too early and created a weakened negotiating position even before the summit began.

Gen. Jack Keane, former vice chief of staff for the U.S. Army, told Fox News, ”There’s not much evidence for President Biden’s objective to improve the relationship so that it’s more stable and predictable. It’ll take some time to see if that has been achieved, I think the early signs are that it has not.”

Keane believes that the conference was held too early in Biden’s presidency.

And Rebekah Koffler, former Defense Intelligence Agency covering Russia and author of the forthcoming “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America,” told Fox News that Biden “pretty much has given out the store to the Russians. He had no negotiating leverage.”

She went on to note that Putin has “established dominance” through his alleged involvement in a recent spate of cybersecurity attacks and other forms of “diplomatic intimidation.”

Daniel Hoffman, former CIA Moscow station chief, and Fox News contributor said, “Where Biden missed an opportunity was, go stand next to him at the press conference.”

“To me, that was playing not to lose rather than playing to win. Go out there and argue the points … tell him, ‘No, you’re throwing out false equivalencies, this isn’t true, and by the way, here are all the things you’ve done.’”