Get in, Sit Down, and Shut up Is California’s New Motto

Gavin Newsom is as corrupt as all Californians hate him. The way he abused the people during the COVID-19 pandemic and favored campaign donors leaves a lot on the table for people to use against him. And now that the recall effort has succeeded and he must now fight for his political career, he is trying to buy off people so the election will fall in his favor.

The most effective and quiet way that Newsom can buy off and silence his opposition and recall troubles is by not talking about them and silencing the people. In one instance, the state-level Democrats were found censoring political opponents on social media. So they got Twitter and others to stop postings that were damaging to the liberal candidates.

Rogan O’Handley was able to show the extent of the damage that the Democrats were able to enact on their competition by censoring them. There is a current lawsuit against the Democrats because of their dirty tactics of illegally striping free speech from their competition. The liberals were also able to censor O’Handley when election fraud was found.

The Harmeet Dhillon of Liberty Center Law is the firm handling the court case. The lawyers noted that “So if the CA Dems are suppressing O’Handley and other political opponents, you know they are also suppressing every other outlet (including RedState) from getting traction on the Recall efforts and other corruption rampant in this State’s legislative body.”

The nasty liberals are fighting tooth and nail to keep a legitimate recall from taking place. First, the opposition got all the signatures that were required by law. But now Newsom and his liberal dogs want to downplay the effort to make it seem like it has lost momentum.

Another way that the state liberals want to nullify the recall election is by pushing to have it sooner than later. But, of course, they would have it the next day if they could get away with it.

But election leaders are asking to wait until the middle of September, so they have time to get everything ready. The Democrats know if they can force things early, they will be able to create enough confusion to keep Newsom in office and not allow the Republicans to advertise their candidates.

The recall election is not going to be an easy task. And the Democrats are going to do everything they can to complicate the process.

The liberals would love to see mail-in voting for the recall election. It would give them the means to create millions of fake ballots to keep their dictator in power. The socialist-minded Newsom needs to cheat to win because he has ticked off the vast majority of legal voters in the state.

Election officials have stated that “We urge the Lieutenant Governor’s office take our concerns seriously which will allow us to conduct a successful election process. We owe this to our voters.”

But when it comes to self-preservation, the liberals listen to no one. The one thing they are more concerned with is preserving Newsom. They could care less about the voters and their ability to make an informed decision.

Newsom’s part in the recall election is to make himself as pretty as possible. But, first, he has to clean up his act. This means that he has to make good on past bills that his administration has failed to pay all over the state.

The most significant bill that he has to pay is the past-due rent to landlords. Newsom banned landlords from being able to evict people for past due rent. As a result, the pandemic rule is playing out farther than it should have ever been allowed to exist. But the liberals love screwing businesses over, so they are reluctant to remove the rule that continues to hurt landlords.

Newsom is also supposed to brag about his achievements and not talk about his massive list of failures. And now that he can censor people at will, nothing is stopping him from telling a bunch of lies without having to fear the truth getting out. They hope the people have short memories, so they do not remember what the man really is like.