Another County Calls for Election Audit and Answers

Since well before the November 3, 2020 election, American citizens from all walks of life began to question the results that would be announced. After all, it was an unprecedented election, not only in terms of the sheer number of people voting but also regarding the policies such as mail-in and absentee voting that were used.

Those questions seemed even more legitimate when the final results showed more than a few discrepancies in state after state and county after county.

As you well know, it has led many to believe that the election wasn’t exactly fair or secure, with many reports coming in about election or voter fraud taking place.

Now, you’d think, no matter what side of the fence you were on, whether your party won or lost, questions about the integrity of our nation’s voting system would prompt you to want to know exactly what went on at the polls and back-office election rooms.

I mean, if I won, I would want the nation to know that I did so because of my own ability to sway the people to my side, not because a few too many in the party decided to rig it in my favor. Wouldn’t you want to prove that you were the rightful winner, especially after so many claimed that Donald Trump wasn’t in 2016?

Well, it seems that’s not the case for most Democrats. Instead, they’ll take their win, no matter how they got it, and hold onto it with all their might.

For instance, in Maricopa County, Arizona, when an audit was proposed to recount all election ballots and check out every detail of the process, Democrats in the state fought tooth and nail to get it rejected.


Well, that’s the magic question, isn’t it?

If Biden won as they say, and if the election was fair and secure, as they say, why not let that be proved?

And now that Maricopa County’s audit is wrapping up, and other states and counties have seen it is possible to conduct such a thorough recount, they too are standing up and asking for a similar process.

Cheboygan County, Michigan, is one of those.

According to The Hill, the Cheboygan County Board of Commissioners, in a recent 4-3 vote, decided to send a letter to the state’s election director officially requesting an audit for their county. In the letter, the Board’s chairman, John Wallace, points out that a significant number of their constituents have raised questions of concern about the November election and rightfully deserve some answers.

A forensic audit, such as the one currently taking place in Arizona, would provide those answers.

Chief among the concerns being raised in the county is whether or not “the actual vote tally for the presidential election within Cheboygan County was accurately reported to the state election officials.” According to the board’s request to determine this, the audit would need to investigate in particular Dominion Voting System’s role in the election and whether their “vote tabulator and Election System and Software machine” was being accurately reported. The audit would also focus on whether any “unauthorized computer” was in communication with Dominion’s system and if such communication could manipulate the votes that Cheboygan County reported.

Now, to be clear, much like in the case of Maricopa County, the point of the audit is not to change the results of the election so much or who won. In fact, in Cheboygan County’s case, such an audit would do nothing to change the outcome of which presidential candidate won the state.

As Michigan data proves, Cheboygan County fairly and squarely went to Trump, with him receiving 64 percent of the vote. Additionally, Biden supposedly won the state with a lead of 2.8 percentage points.

This means even if the election results for the county were changed, and even drastically so, the results for the state wouldn’t. Biden would still win.

So what are the Democrats afraid of? Why wouldn’t they be OK with an audit that only proves they won and did so fairly, as they claim?