Another State to Help Fill the Need for Law Enforcement at Southern Border

The delirious Joe Biden has lost control of the country. And that is a great thing because he will not be able to impose himself on anyone. The Republican-run states have taken it upon themselves to keep the people safe. Democratic states are in a state of chaos because they keep trying to align themselves with Biden’s ever-changing policies. But states like South Dakota, Texas, and others are banding together for the sake of the Union.

Texas has the most extensive section of the border with Mexico. And they are in trouble because of Biden’s lazy approach to immigration. Governor Greg Abbott has already declared that he will finish what Donald Trump started with building the wall. And there is nothing that the Democrats can do to stop the project.

He has already called for funding and even put out a call for help with securing the border. And South Dakota is one of the several states that have sent law enforcement officers and the National Guard to stand by the Texan people in their most significant time of need.

Kristi Noem is the governor of South Dakota. She stated very clearly that the people of South Dakota would “Tomorrow morning I’m officially announcing up to 50 National Guard troops to Texas to help secure our border. The Biden Administration has failed to keep America safe. We shouldn’t be making our own communities vulnerable by sending police to fix Biden’s border crisis.”

The embarrassing situation created by Biden shows his lack of concern for people and the country. He has singlehandedly neglected a significant area of national security. So much so that state leaders have to pick up the slack to solve the crazy man’s problem. And one can only surmise that somehow Biden will try and take the credit in the end.

The men and women of South Dakota will join the forces sent by Ron DeSantis and Pete Ricketts. Their purpose will be to stop the illegals from flowing over the border and to stop all smuggling of humans and drugs. Joe Biden and his silly girl vice president think it is funny having kids dumped over the border and girls being smuggled off into sex slavery.

Greg Abbott and Doug Ducey of Arizona got together and sent out a letter asking for help from the other states. They wrote in their letter, “Securing our border with Mexico is the federal government’s responsibility. But the Biden administration has proven unwilling or unable to do the job. This failure to enforce federal immigration laws causes banns that spill over into every State.”

There is no doubt that Joe Biden is to blame for all the trouble at the southern border. He has allowed the surge of illegals to reach unfounded heights. Moreover, the crisis brewing down south continues to grow as Central America continues to move northward.

The drug lords are a significant concern for the southern states. The crime-laden territories of Mexico are starting to spread into America. They continue to push their drugs across the border freely, bring children to the border, and drop them off. And Biden does not even seem to care. All he likes is his rocker in the Oval Office.

The letter also noted that “Given the staggering number of violations now occurring in Texas and Arizona, additional manpower is needed from any state that can spare it. With your help, we can apprehend more of these perpetrators of state and federal crimes, before they can cause problems in your State.”

The number of arrests of illegals only continues to rise. And they will only continue to do so until something is done on a more permanent basis. In one month alone, there were 180,034 arrests made. And what is even more staggering is most of the people are single. Most likely part of the drug cartels or gangs already in the United States.

The Republican governors are engaged with Joe Biden for ignoring the problem. They are even more upset with Kamala Harris for her lack of work that she was ordered to do by her old boss. But Biden forgets what he does from one day to the next, so it stands to reason that he has forgotten about the southern border crisis.