Racist Confederate Statues to be Removed Turn out to All Be Democrats

As a born and raised Republican, there are many, many reasons I tend to disagree with most Democrats on nearly every controversial matter. Maybe if I had been raised another way, that might not be the case. However, I am prone to thinking that it still would.

Why? Well, I have a tough time relating to a party that continually flaunts its hypocrisy.

For example, the loudest voices of the left-leaning party are always talking about how we need to be having “difficult conversations” to address issues like inequality ‘systemic racism.’ And yet, when it comes to actually working on those issues, they’d rather just cancel out anything that could or would ever offend someone.

For months now, we’ve heard about systemic racism in our communities, our schools, our police departments, etc. Their solution, however, has not been to teach the opposite of racism, merely a different form of it.

Instead of allowing minorities to be persecuted, left-leaning lawmakers have pushed for ideas like critical race theory to take over our schools, which simply teaches the cancelation and hatred of all things ‘white.’

Similarly, when it comes to the statues, memorials, and inspiring art pieces around our communities, they have moved to simply eradicate any that may encourage those ‘difficult conversations.’

The House of Representatives, which holds a slim Democratic majority presently, actually even voted this week to pass a bill that would remove nearly all Confederate statues from the Capitol grounds, presumably to be replaced with less offensive ones later down the road.

Statues holding the likenesses of Confederate States President Jefferson Davis and former Chief Justice Roger Taney will be taken down in the coming days and replaced with figures like Thurgood Marshall.

According to those like Democrat Representative Hank Johnson from Georgia, the statues are “personally an affront to me as a black man,” serving as a constant reminder that lives like his own were once viewed as less than human. Additionally, he is offended that men who supported such treatment of his race are given places of honor and viewed as what could be called “visionaries” and as “they did something that was great.”

But what he and others with the same thought process fail to recognize is that this is precisely how these statues are supposed to make us feel. They aren’t there to give us all the good feels or to be an example of greatness. They are there, in fact, to remind us of our past failings and teach us that we can overcome them.

I recently saw a meme on social media that made an excellent point. While I can’t remember it verbatim, it ran along these lines:

History is not ours to make it what we want. Stuff happened, good and bad. And if that offends you, all the better. That means you take notice of the wrongs that were done. It means we as a nation have grown to a point where we can recognize that our ancestors made mistakes and gruesome ones at that. It’s not our job to erase the facts of the past but to learn from them to create a better future for ourselves.

Besides, if we are constantly canceling those who offend us and erasing their existence, how will we or our future generations ever learn from their mistakes.

Is that what the Democrats really want for us? To be so ignorant about our past that we make the same mistakes and fall into identical traps? Because that’s precisely what will happen.

There is one other thing I want to point out here, with a bit of help from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

As McCarthy told the floor before the bill was put to a vote, “Let me state a simple fact. All the statues being removed by this bill are statures of Democrats.”

Now, this shouldn’t really surprise any of us. After all, it was the Democratic south that pushed for slavery to continue. And it was Democrats who created such atrocities as the KKK, Jim Crow laws, and even the Trail of Tears.

So what the Dems are pushing to do here is not only wipe out any reminders of the Confederacy but also themselves.

As McCarthy added, “Maybe it’s time the Democrats change the name of their party.”