Dems Blame Climate Change in Miami Building Collapse

There seems to be no end to the insanity that is flooding the Democratic Party. Their ideas and thoughts seem so far disconnected that many begin to wonder if they are all going insane. Joe Biden at least has an excuse for his nutty comments. His brain is stricken with dementia, and it makes it hard for him to concentrate. He can even blame what he says on the people that tell him what to say and how to say it.

The people that wrote his latest speech want people to think that the issue plaguing a high condo rise in Miami is a direct result of climate change. Biden took it upon himself to bring up the climate change issue because the liberals have not been able to find a suitable reason to keep pushing their false beliefs.

Dozens of people are either missing have been found killed in the debris. And instead of sending help to look for survivors or giving condolences, all Biden could do was turn the matter into a political event to push his climate change narrative.

Biden stated that there is no concrete proof of what caused the collapse. But the truth of the matter is that there is a lot of details that have been found. But Biden refuses to see the truth once again.

He tried to pass off his unbelief by stating that “There’s all kinds of rational speculation about whether or not rebars are, were, were rusted, whether or not the cement, whether it’s limestone or not, and whether or not, but a lot of the, a lot of the families who survived talked about how upset they were that in the last years that they’ve been here, how there was one condominium complex built across the street and a road was purchased. And while they were living there, they would hear the drilling, and they feel their building moving and shaking.”

Joe Biden is dense. People could feel the building moving while construction was going on around them proves that there was a structural issue with the building. And for him to claim that climate change is a big slap in the face for the survivors, it dishonors those who lost their lives because of faulty construction and ignored inspections.

Somewhere in the middle of the speech, Biden tried to make people think that the water levels were rising and getting in under the foundation and eroding the supports. The problem with his belief is that none of the other buildings were affected by any of the issues that he is trying to pass off as truth.

Biden mentioned that survivors were telling people that it was climate change that caused all the problems. But that could have just been the media asking questions to the survivors hoping that a few of them would bite and talk about the planned narrative that Biden was hoping would materialize from the disaster.

The sea levels go and up down based on the amount of ice and snow in the polar regions. There are years when the ice melts back, and there are years when the water levels drop because the ice sheets are increasing. But the Democrats want people to think that the earth will turn into a water world next year, and the only way they can stop it is to stop driving their gas cars and start riding horses again.

Biden mentioned that he was not the one that started talking about climate change. If the narrative was not planted, there should have been no reason for him to make such a claim. But to deny something that does not exist proves that somewhere along the line, they were hoping that it would come up and, if failed to them, would plant the idea in the news.

The only way to minimize the risk of collapse is to act on inspections. And those inspections need to be done honestly. Some of the done reports seem to have been inaccurately done, which led people to believe that everything was fine. Climate change had nothing to do with the building collapsing in Miami.