MSNBC Republican Commentator Recommends Her Party Be Burned Down to the Ground

She may be Republican, but she is still working with MSNBC! Susan Del Percio is a GOP contributor to the liberal news agency, and she had some intense words for her own party. This Lincoln Project senior adviser told her MSNBC cohorts that the best way to bolster “democracy” is to “burn down” the Republican Party. She maintained that it has become the home of “the wackiest wackies” and “neo-fascists.”

The former adviser to Andrew Cuomo also offered herself as someone who could help rebuild the GOP. She petitioned for the political arson during a special, two-hour edition of “The ReidOut” on Monday evening.

Del Percio said, “I have been looking for a new word for Trumpism, because I hate it,” and the torrent of extremism “goes deeper than just Donald Trump within the Republican Party.”

“Forget Trumpism. It’s neofascism. That’s what the grassroots of the party looks like right now,” Del Percio continued.

Del Percio went after Allen West, the Texas candidate for governor. It seemed that she confused him with the late actor who played “Batman,” Adam West. She said that “the wackiest wackies are going to win the Republican primary, but they’re going to lose in general elections. And that may not just help Democrats, but it will help the Republican Party in a way because it will burn it down — maybe not in 2022 or 2024. But after enough losses, we can see maybe normal returning, because those neofascists will be out of the party.”

MSNBC host Joy Reid added some fuel to the fire telling Del Percio, “I talk to Republicans like you all the time,” and they tell her that, since 2016, the GOP is “burning, like it’s gone straight to Hell, and no one seems to have an answer as to how you pull it back.”

“Do you have ideas on how to pull it back to at least sanity, where we’re just fighting about tax cuts again?” she asked.

“It needs to burn down,” Del Percio repeated. “It literally needs to be demolished before you can go in and build it up again.”

MSNBC and CNN are far from “fair and balanced.” They at times feature registered Republicans who are more critical of their own party than most partisan Democrats. Del Percio is a perfect match for the network.

Del Percio, who led unsuccessful Republican campaigns for governor of New York and mayor of New York City, likes to be a political switch hitter. In March 2014, she served as a special adviser to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D). She earned a state salary of $160,000, but she left the administration the following January.

She has continued to be an advocate for Andrew Cuomo writing an NBC News op-ed praising his leadership during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Andrew Cuomo is no longer just New York’s governor — he is now America’s governor,” she wrote. “Thanks to his excellent leadership during the overwhelming health crisis caused by the coronavirus, Cuomo has provided much-needed comfort and information to the entire country. He has been so effective and has presented such a stark contrast with the vacuum of leadership in the White House that now some people are saying he should be America’s president.”

She also said that there is only one reason Cuomo should not enter the presidential primaries…New Yorkers like herself are not willing to trade him. “He belongs to New York, and we need him to stay here,” she wrote.

Del Percio maintains that many Decomcrats plead with her to stay with the GOP. They want people like her in place to rebuild the party when it burns down.