Rand Paul Fighting for Sanity In a World of Joe Bidenism

The American people are sick and tired of old man Biden dragging behind in progress. The COVID-19 virus is long gone, and people have returned to their everyday lives. That is everyone except governmental employees and airline travelers.

Biden had stated that July 4 would be the release date from mask-wearing, but he recently changed his mind because he is still trying to force everyone to get the vaccine whether they want it or not. So, he will not let airline passengers or federal employees uncover their faces in public.

But Rand Paul has had enough of the threats and pushy president throwing a fit to get what he wants for statistics. The heroic senator will introduce legislation that will remove the Biden mask mandate for all airline travelers.

Many states have removed mask mandates but are still required to have passengers put them on when entering airports. Biden has indeed overstepped his authority by requiring airlines to make passengers wear facial diapers.

Rand Paul said that “When the Senate returns to session, I will be introducing an immediate repeal of the mask mandate on planes. Enough! Time to stop this farce and let people travel in peace!”

People are tired of covering their faces when traveling. There is no basis for the mandate found in science, and the millions of people that travel every day have proven; COVID-19 is no longer a threat. Biden wants to exert his authority by making people do something they do not want to do. Wearing a mask is a choice best left to the individual.

The heroic senator has argued that people who have recovered from COVID or are vaccinated should not have to cover their faces. He even went after Anthony Fauci for his misleading statements about mask-wearing and vaccinations. Rand Paul is a doctor himself, and what he was hearing made no sense from a medical standpoint.

At the time, Fauci claimed he was following CDC guidelines, but those have changed since the original publication was released. Fauci never changed his view and kept pushing mask-wearing, which got him into a ton of trouble.

During the time Fauci was investigated for his role in COVID-19 restrictions, Rand Paul asked him, “What studies do you have that people that’ve had the vaccine or had the infection are spreading the infection? If we’re not spreading the infection, isn’t it just theater?”

Fauci would fight back by denying that his statements were a matter of entertainment to him. But the reality of life proved Fauci was in error. Anthony Fauci has been vaccinated, and he continued to wear two masks. And the entire purpose of his parade was to force others to do the same.

Paul has pointed out that there is absolutely no science supporting what Biden is holding onto. He had once stated that “You want to get rid of vaccine hesitancy? You want people to get the vaccine? Wearing masks after they get the vaccine? Give them a reward instead of telling them that the nanny state is going to be there for three more years and you gotta wear a mask forever. People don’t want to hear it; there’s no science behind it.”

And Biden would be wise to listen to Rand Paul. But the aged president is not about to admit that he has been wrong for the past six months. He wants to have the glory for when the mask mandate is lifted. He will be able to use the moment as a success and use it for political posturing.

There has never been any proof that masks have worked against COVID-19. Instead, it was a control mechanism employed by Democrats to create fear in people. They used the mask scenario to force people to comply with insane wishes and illegal demands for months. And Biden is just going to keep milking the moment until he is forced to stop.

COVID-19 is long gone, and states such as Florida and Texas are the proof. People have been living everyday lives for over a year without any issues from the deadly virus.