North Dakota Sues Biden Over Oil Suspension

By now, it’s no secret that the Biden Administration has effectively declared war on the American people, and more particularly, the blue-collar workforce and energy industry.

On day one in office, he not only shut down the much-needed and anticipated Keystone XL pipeline project but also ordered that all federal gas and oil lease sales be suspended until further notice nationwide. The reasoning behind it all was, of course, the classic liberal talking point of how to combat the so-called ‘climate crisis.’

Now, to be clear, we all knew Biden and his cohorts were moving in this direction, ever seeking to cancel out fossil fuels. We just didn’t quite expect him to do so without first installing new, green energy alternatives to make up for the extreme and near-immediate loss of jobs, as well as revenue for state economies.

And that has given states like North Dakota, where the fossil fuel industry remains a critical part of their economy and way of life, all the more reason to stand against the Biden Administration.

In fact, this past week, the state announced they would be suing Biden for his decision to cut fossil fuels from the state by suspending federal oil and gas lease sales.

According to the state’s attorney general, Wayne Stenehjem, North Dakota has already lost an estimated and rather alarming $80 million in the last few months due to Biden’s first-day executive order. And he’s not about to let that number continue to rise as the Biden Admin takes further steps to the left and against fossil fuels.

In a news release about the filed lawsuit, Stenehjem said, “I have taken this action to protect North Dakota’s economy, the jobs of our hard-working citizens, and North Dakota’s rights to control its own natural resources.”

The release went on to note that by canceling the March and June lease auctions, the Bureau of Land Management or BLM under Biden has not followed “legally required procedures” and “shows every sign of continuing to violate its statutory duties.”

As I mentioned before, these cancelations have already cost the North Dakota economy a great deal. If allowed to continue into the coming months, the state estimates that cost could soon reach billions.

According to the suit, oil and gas production are “responsible for 54% of the value of the State’s economy, generating approximately 76% of the State’s tax revenue and creating approximately 66,000 good-paying jobs in the State.”

Suffice it to say that without fossil fuel production in the Peace Garden State, the economy would take a strikingly downward turn, as would the livelihoods of far too many hard-working Americans, not that Biden seems particularly concerned with such matters.

Thankfully, there has been some reprieve for states like North Dakota.

Last month, a federal judge from Louisiana, another state to rely heavily on fossil fuels thanks to more than a few offshore oil rigs, ordered a nationwide injunction on Biden’s decision, effectively blocking the ban for any new leases.

While this is a significant break for North Dakota’s future as we begin to look towards another month passing, it does little to make up for all that the state has already lost and will continue to because of the previously canceled leases – hence the newly announced lawsuit against the Biden Administration.

And it seems North Dakota isn’t the only concerned party seeking retribution.

TC Energy, the developing company out of Canada responsible for the Keystone XL pipeline project, is also taking up a battle with the administration.

The company recently announced they too would be filing a suit against Biden for the sum of a whopping $15 billion in damages, as the project was already well underway by the time Biden stopped it, canceling an estimated 11,000 or so jobs both in America and Canada.

If I were Biden, I’d be seriously reconsidering any moves to abandon fossil fuels in the hopes of making the political left more apt to support him. Then again, if I were him, I wouldn’t have even begun to move in that direction in the first place.

Yes, making energy-saving and eco-friendly decisions for our government is something very much needed in this day and age. However, they should only be considered when other, more sustainable, and profitable resources/technologies can replace them.

Do so anytime beforehand is essentially admitting to the world that you don’t care about the people you were supposedly elected to lead. Instead, you only care about your image and the potential power it could bring.

And by the way things are looking, you’re not doing yourself any favors, Biden.