Texas Dems Get Bad News After Fleeing to D.C.

As there’s been much to-do over about Democratic lawmakers from Texas recently, I’m sure you’ve heard all about their recent hypocrisy. But it appears, in their rush to flee their home state and constituents, they’ve gotten themselves into a bit of trouble – and not just with their fellow Texas lawmakers.

As of Monday morning, no less than three of the fleeing liberals have now tested positive for COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated.

State Representative Celia Israel of Austin, along with two others who still remain anonymous, were confirmed to have the disease by the Austin American-Statesman. According to the outlet, one was given a positive test result on Friday evening, while the other two found out Saturday morning. So far, only one has any symptoms, and those are very mild.

Naturally, all House members have since been alerted to the outbreak and given a “rapid test.” All positive cases will isolate for ten days and then be given a “follow-up test” before being allowed to rejoin their colleagues either on the House floor or in their state assembly chambers.

But how did this happen? I mean, as Democrats, aren’t these lawmakers not only fully vaccinated but always under mask protection? Besides, they flew on an airplane to get away from their state, where masks are a must, right?

Well, as usual, these Democrats decided to do what they wanted, when they wanted, regardless of the supposed rules.

As you well know by now, these Texas Democrats were in their home state to discuss and then vote on a newly proposed election integrity law. Naturally, liberal lawmakers are opposed to such measures according to party agenda guidelines, if nothing else.

But in a state, such as Texas, where Republicans hold the majority in both houses, as well as the governor’s seat, their voice was likely to be overruled. And so, rather than sit around and watch themselves being defeated again, they chose not to even participate. Instead, before a vote could be taken, the majority of their party members in the state’s House, as well as a few Senators, simply walked out.

Well, ran is more like it.

They all quickly packed their bags in a very impromptu move and boarded a private jet bound for Washington D.C.

Not unlike a similar move made earlier in the year, in doing this, the Democrats effectively stalled the vote by denying the House of the minimum number of voices or a quorum needed to hold a vote. And, of course, they were headed to D.C. to encourage more swamp creatures like themselves to support their move and the eradication of any such “election integrity.”

But in their haste to not only be seen as the heroes they most certainly aren’t and their excitement on once again putting off a Republican vote, they seemed to forget all about COVID-19 and the possible threat it still holds.

As we can see by the many selfies and videos taken by the fleeing lawmakers, not one is wearing a mask, they aren’t social distancing, and it seems like they’re in full celebration mode. Hell, in several photos, there is even a case of Miller Lite beer present and taking up an empty seat.

But as at least three of them now sit in isolation and more anxiously away their test results, it’s safe to say the party is over.

And while that means these caucus members won’t be making it back down to Texas any time real soon to fix the matter they left in limbo, it also means there won’t be a lot of mingling with other party members to gain support.

Not that it will matter all that much in the end.

Even if they do manage to gain some support in D.C., it’s not like the Republican majority back in Texas will be changing their minds. So whenever they are able to come home, there will be another vote waiting for them, and this time, it’s doubtful they will be able to avoid participating in a vote.