Texas Democrat Realizes That Leaving Home Was Biggest Mistake of His Life

Texas Democrats who ran away from an election vote found out that their decision to flee to Mother Pelosi cost them more than they were willing to pay. The minute they decided to leave the state would mean that they could not return without facing legal action upon their return.

The Democrats acted like spoiled brats when they decided to flee instead of debate. They ran when they realized that they would lose a vote that would secure voting methods in Texas. They abandoned their voters because they were cowards that could not stand up to a debate and ultimately a losing vote.

The primary issue that made these cowards flee their state was a bill that would have nullified the horrible Democratic bill at the federal level that would have destroyed voter security. Liberals need loopholes in order to harvest their ballots and fraud the American people.

The federal bill is known as the “for the people act,” and it will effectively extinguish voter security all around the nation. The bill was developed due to their fear of spreading COVID-19 while standing in line to vote. They abused the pandemic cause so they could have a way of cheating in future elections.

But with their self-imposed heroism, they ran away from doing their job. Governor Greg Abbott developed a bill that would override their attempt to grab power. And now it seems that one of them wants to come home. But there is a significant obstacle standing in her way.

The HR1 bill is what drove these cowards mad. The one-man that wants to come home wants to return and vote accordingly. That may be a gesture of goodwill, but they have broken the law, and they will have to answer for their crimes.

The demonic Democrats stated that “I proudly stood with my Democratic colleagues and left Texas to ensure House Bill 3 would not be approved as introduced. A small working group of Democrats decided to begin active discussions here in Austin on improving HB 3 and asked that I return to establish open communication lines. I returned to Texas to try to engage in good-faith dialogue about the aspects of the bill that I, and others, think are harmful.”

He is proud to have broken the law and how he turned his back on the Texan people in his district. He ran to Washington with the others to give them a more powerful position at the negotiating table. But with all of his prideful statements and boasting, it is too late for his political soul.

This man is the second one to want to return. The first was Harold Dutton. He came back because of family reasons. The cost was too great for him to remain in exile. He is the classic example of a political party that acts without thinking through its actions.

Abbott warned that those returning to the state would be arrested on sight. But so far, these two people have remained out of prison. Abbott’s mercy has been extended to at least two for now.

There is a lot of speculation as to the real reasons why they came home. Many believe that the real reason they returned was the political fallout that was taking hold. Voters did not like that their representative ran like a coward when it came time to stand up and represent the people.

A Democrat reacts to what people think. The minute the wind of approval shifts is the moment that they change their beliefs on all issues.

They may claim that they want to talk, but that time has come and gone. Their attempt to stop Texas from moving forward is a cowardly attempt to gain power. They would have no problem passing any of their bills if they were in power. Many Democrats fail to even listen to conservatives when the Republicans are in the minority. And that is seen with how Biden and the other liberals treat conservatives trying to speak out for the minority. The Democrats are trying to destroy democracy and failing at their attempts.