San Mateo Proves It’s About Control Not Vaccinations with New Mask Mandates

Liberal counties across the nation are adding mask mandates once again. Mask up because we tell you to not because it will save your life. The liberals have chosen to ignore science. And what’s happening in San Mateo County California proves that it’s all about control, not about saving lives.

The liberals will tell you that the mask mandate is to protect you. It’s to ensure that people aren’t getting infected by COVID-19, particularly the delta strain that seems to be more contagious.

Here’s the problem. San Mateo County has an 89% vaccination rate. That means that only 11% of the population are at risk of getting COVID – or at least getting seriously ill from COVID.

There have been a few breakthrough cases where the vaccinated get infected. However, doctors have also said that there’s virtually a ZERO percent chance of getting seriously ill or dying from COVID once you’ve been fully vaccinated.

San Mateo County officials say that the mask mandate, which is only for indoors, is out of an abundance of caution.

Something doesn’t seem to add up, though. If there is such a concern about everyone’s health, they must be getting a lot of new COVID cases, right?

Once the state lifted its restrictions, San Mateo recorded 13 cases on June 15. By July 15, they recorded 74 cases. The healthcare system isn’t being overwhelmed, and only 15 people are being hospitalized in the county due to COVID-19.

There is absolutely no reason for the immunized to be wearing a mask. Absolutely none. It’s not being supported by science and it’s most certainly not being supported by the statistics in San Mateo. After all, there are 718,000 residents – and only 74 cases over the course of 10 days. Meanwhile, you know that the 718,000 is only counting the legal residents. It’s likely closing in on a million if you could the illegal aliens. C’mon liberals, they’re people, too, right?

This is not about public health and safety. This is about control. The county wants to see how far they can go to ensure that people are going to comply with their restrictions and requirements.

The only thing that San Mateo County is showing is that they are ignorant. They’re also making it harder to promote vaccines to the 11% that remain unvaccinated. After all, why bother getting vaccinated if you have to wear a mask anyway? The whole point of getting vaccinated was to get back to normal and not have to wear a mask. There is nothing normal about walking around with three layers of fabric strapped to your face.

It’s as if San Mateo liked what happened in the heart of 2020. They liked watching the population walk around with masks, maintaining a 6-foot safety perimeter, and closing businesses left and right. They want the population to be controlled. With control comes the introduction of socialism. And with socialism comes the government owning your every move.

No, thanks. The masks are just a way for the leftists to exert their control. They wear masks as a way to show that they are elitists.

We need to breathe. And when we’re vaccinated, we can breathe freely without having to worry about masks – oh, but that was a lie, apparently. The liberals are literally trying to smother us to death, and the proof is in what’s happening in San Mateo, California right now.