America Is Just One Generation From Being Extinct Because of the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party loves to see people die. They support the willful extermination of human life before birth. They are inclined to support the same philosophy of exterminating the life of an older adult once they have outlasted their usefulness. Andrew Cuomo demonstrated that concept when he deliberately infected healthy older adults living in nursing homes with the COVID-19 virus. Thousands of people would needlessly die by his hands.

American has always been a land of prosperity and a place where dreams could come true with hard work. Economic prosperity is not always what some people see as success. Many see a healthy family that grows in a healthy and vibrant environment as successful. And that is their version of the American dream.

But the Democrats have sought to change all of that. They have moved to support death and destruction when it benefits them. And now that they have effectively taken control of two major branches of government America is seeing a decline in the American population for the first time in many decades.

In over half of the states in America, there has been a decline in the population. And it is more than just people leaving the state by moving away.

In 1954 there were 2.75 births to every one death. But since that time, the death rate has helped level off the birth rate. Many of the deaths can be attributed to the fact that the liberals have taught for so long that it is acceptable to kill a baby. So, millions upon millions of people have been murdered, which in turn plays right into the death rate in America. The United States should be a country with nearly 400 million people living as citizens. But aborting babies has kept that number stagnant for decades.

The Center for Disease Control keeps records of how many births and deaths occur each year. They reported in 2020 that the average birth rate was 1.07 for every death that took place.

The dangerous teaching by liberals is that humans are no better than bugs because of evolution. It ends up being the survival of the fittest for many people. The liberals teach that it is a dog-eat-dog world, and people should do whatever they need to do to survive. And if that means killing a child or an older person, they are okay with letting it happen.

One report stated that in 2020 the population only grew by .35 percent. That number is the lowest in the history of record-keeping. Many experts will teach that population growth is a solid indicator of the health of the nation. A shrinking population will destroy the labor market and weaken the country’s economic power as the earning potential flatlines.

The Democratic party is responsible for the decline. They would never admit to this point, but their push to kill off life only adds credibility to the facts. Some are already looking to blame the pandemic for the decline, but that is only another way to abuse the pandemic to cover up the truth behind their terrible service towards America.

The liberals are worried that they depend on youth to fund welfare programs for the older generation. Without that influx of cash, there is no way that the liberals can continue to try and expand big government and seize control of the country.

Many of the states that have seen a decline in the population are liberal-run territories. Much of the east coast is subject to the decline because of the destructive teachings of evolution that the Democrats cram down the throats of young people.

Another report stated that “The announcement by the ruling Communist Party represents an acknowledgment that its limits on reproduction, the world’s toughest, have jeopardized the country’s future. The labor pool is shrinking and the population is graying, threatening the industrial strategy that China has used for decades to emerge from poverty to become an economic powerhouse.” And that future is what is in store for America the more the liberals try to socialize the government.