Buttigieg and Husband Say Their $221,000 Salary Can’t Afford a 1-Bedroom Apt.

You might be shocked to learn that newly instated U.S. Transportation Secretary and former failed presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is having a hard time affording suitable living accommodations in the swamp of Washington D.C.

But according to his husband, Chasten, that’s exactly how bad things are in the nation’s capital. Per a recent interview with The Washington Post, Chasten says that the couple pays about $3,000 a month in rent for a tiny, 800 square foot, one-bedroom apartment. And apparently, they can’t afford a bigger one.

The unemployed teacher told the outlet, “(W)e couldn’t afford the one-bedroom-plus-den” even though Pete makes a whopping $221,000 a year with his new job. Just to give you a little breakdown, that’s about $18,450 a month.

Chasten explains that he was utterly shocked at the outrageous housing prices demanded in D.C. and shared that while his husband was mayor of South Bend, Indiana, the two lived in a spacious three-bedroom, 2,500 square foot home in a well-to-do neighborhood. Now, the pair can’t even afford a home with a den.

Now, he does admit that some of the high monthly rent cost the couple incurs is because they chose to in a more upscale building and a fancier part of town than most. They could have easily found a cheaper and bigger place, but they would have had to sacrifice the around-the-clock security their current home has.

As you well know, large cities, and ones that are prone to liberal leadership, have become a dwelling place in recent months for incredibly high crime rates, thanks to the political left’s insistence on defunding the police. And so, for Washington’s elites such as the Buttigieg’s, private security is a must.

But still, Chasten was horrified at the high cost of rent in the Capitol.

He told the Post, “We’re doing fine for ourselves, and (yet) the city is almost unaffordable. Which tells you how extremely unaffordable it is for many people.”

There’s just a few problems with Chasten’s complaints.

Firstly is the fact that he somehow didn’t know housing in larger cities like D.C. would come at a higher cost. I mean, doesn’t everyone know that?

Secondly, how in the world does a couple who makes nearly $20,000 a month not afford a $3000 place or even the $4,500 apartment that includes a den? Like Club for Growth senior analyst Andrew Follet, I’m inclined to believe that the Buttigieg’s don’t know much about making wise money decisions.

Follet remarked, “Hilarious how Mr. Wind Cave Buttigieg is whining that he ONLY makes $221,400 a year. The problem isn’t DC’s real estate market (which I’ve personally lived with and in for years)… it’s that Dems elites are incredibly fiscally irresponsible… even in their personal lives.”

Maybe that’s why even though Buttigieg’s former city of South Bend was awarded thousands in grants and such to help with the city’s dilapidated roads, it was still known as the pot-hole city of the nation. Or why Buttigieg’s presidential campaign did little but waste every dime his supporters gave to him.

Plus, as Chasten has been unemployed since moving to DC with his husband, it means the couple could have the opportunity to make more money should they wish to, possibly allowing them to afford a bigger place. But no, like most liberals, I’m sure he’s content to take in the government’s handouts without lifting a finger.

Then again, if he can’t figure out how to manage their money, or even that rent is more expensive in bigger cities, I’m not sure I’d want him teaching of our kids…

But I digress.

What’s even more alarming about Chasten’s complaint is that he clearly has no idea where the rest of the nation sits economically. He and his beloved are so out of touch with the rest of America that complaining about not having a den on a $221,400 salary is justifiable.

Meanwhile, thousands of hard-working Americans are struggling just to put groceries on the table, shoes on their kid’s feet, and gas in their car to get to work – all while Buttigieg and the rest of Biden’s Admin continue to inflate our economy and recklessly spend our tax dollars.

Could the Buttigieg’s be any farther removed from reality?