Name Calling From Left Proves How Far Gone They Are

Nancy Pelosi is by far the rudest to sit in the House Majority Leaders chair. She attacked House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy by calling him a “moron” because he accused the Democrats of following feelings rather than science.

McCarthy went after the new mask mandate that the U.S. Capitol physician burned the people with. He reinstated the mandate that had lapsed because he feels it is still needed. The liberals are all about feeling and not about thinking through things.

Pelosi decided to blast McCarthy by calling him names, and she turned around and defended the unprofessional behavior. McCarthy had stated that “Make no mistake—The threat of bringing masks back is not a decision based on science, but a decision conjured up by liberal government officials who want to continue to live in a perpetual pandemic state.”

Pathetic Pelosi did not like having the truth exposed. Any person that refuses to wear a mask will be imposed fines. The entire issue is based on fear and control. The liberals want to control, so they instill fear in people, so they are forced to comply.

Pelosi’s holier than thou attitude has put a massive target on her back. She has to force people to wear a mask by fining them for each occurrence. The Democratic Party is not about earning the trust of people, so they comply willingly. They must force people to submit, or they will face the consequences.

The mask mandate was imposed by Joe Biden when he first took office. Since that day, he has extended it and is now trying to expand it. The Democrats keep inventing a new strain of virus or some new threat to public health so they can keep their greedy hands on the control buttons. The very thought of people controlling their health is foreign to the liberals in politics.

Brian Monahan is the creepy liberal that decided to resurrect the dead mandate. He thought it best to follow the CDC recommendations with mask-wearing. So instead of making it optional, he makes it a requirement. And even those that have been vaccinated must now wear a mask. And that is the contradiction that McCarthy is speaking out against.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky has stated that “We believe the vast majority of transmission is occurring in unvaccinated people and through unvaccinated people, but unlike the Alpha variant that we had back in May — where we didn’t believe that if you were vaccinated you could transmit further – this is different now, with the Delta variant, and we’re seeing now that it’s actually possible if you are a rare breakthrough infection that you can transmit further, which is the reason for the change.”

The Delta variant is Democratically friendly. It seems to change with the winds of liberal thought. The virus can now transmit from vaccinated people. Or at least that is what the liberals want people to believe.

But Pelosi could not contain herself when McCarthy questioned the mandate. She called the Republican a “moron,” and then her aid tried to justify her name-calling as stating his comment was “moronic.” Once again, the Democrats are stating two different things and saying two different statements with the hopes of confusing the hearers.

McCarthy has once again shown his resolve. He has taken the high road and ignored Pelosi’s comment. He can’t bring himself down her level of childish behavior. Pelosi is in full support of the doctor resurrecting the mask mandate.

McCarthy noted that “Well if she’s so bright, I’d like to know where the science changes in the Capitol, between the House and the Senate.” The point he is making is that there is no support because the mandate needs to come back. He quickly points out that working with Pelosi is not a very productive time because she thinks she knows it all.

McCarthy is correct with what he has noted. The “experts” tell that on rare occasions, the delta variant is transmitted from vaccinated people. Most of that knowledge is speculative because it would be next to impossible to track down the person the virus came from.