AOC is Busted for ‘Dire Health Risk’

Can we all just agree that this whole mask mandate thing is getting a bit out of hand, especially in the Capitol?

I mean, I understand that several Democratic House members are now being quarantined and treated for positive COVID tests. But, I also know that this might give more than a few other house members cause to be alarmed and even concerned for their safety.

After all, many are no longer the spry youths they once were. And even more than that are known to believe that COVID might be the death of us all if we don’t all follow their rules.

However, it all seems a bit partisan if you ask me.

Sure, Republicans tend to be the ones believing that masks and mandates won’t save us. But, in contrast, Democrats tend to agree that masks are a must.

However, it seems only those on the right ever get punished for their lack of facial coverings when it comes to enforcing such mandates.

Take House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s newly instated mask mandate, for example.

On Wednesday, she announced that the mandate would be back in place, and anyone not wearing a mask would be punished. But when members of the House began showing up to work that morning, it seemed only Republicans were reprimanded for their lack of masks.

According to The Hill, GOP Representatives Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Matt Gaetz from Florida, Chip Roy of Texas, Marjorie Taylor Green and Andrew Clyde from Georgia, Mary Miller of Illinois, and Andy Biggs of Arizona all declined to wear a face covering. And all were chastised for it.

But no one seemed to notice or care that liberal New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was also not wearing a mask. Instead, she simply held it while walking the halls of the Capitol complex.

This hypocrisy was seen earlier in the week when Pelosi brought in House physician Dr. Brian P. Monahan to back her insistence that masks be worn in the Congress again.

Of course, he spoke to Republicans separately for an hour and a half on the importance of wearing masks. And didn’t wear his own mask the entire time.

When asked about why he wasn’t wearing his mask, Lauren Boebert tweeted that he was “acting under the ‘recognition rule.’” In other words, the rule supposedly only “applies to the House Chambers.” And yet, when Republican House members don’t wear their masks anywhere in the complex, they are admonished for it.

As Boebert continued, “(Monahan) claims he’s not political, but when he puts partisan rules over the CDC guidelines he’s promoting, it’s hard to believe.”

Indeed, it is. It’s also not easy to believe that Pelosi isn’t just doing this out of some sort of spite.

As Chip Roy, who refused to wear his mask, pointed out on Wednesday, the House has become so focused on the need to wear masks, get vaccinated, etc., that the entire legislation has become pretty much useless in recent days. He even called for a vote to have the legislative body shut down their useless activity for the rest of the day.

Of course, every Democrat in the place voted to stay in session and keep talking about masks and vaccines, saying that not putting the newly instated mask mandate in place would be a “dire health risk,” according to Forbes.

And yet, it’s these same Democrats who can be founding walking around the complex and even in the House Chambers without their mask whenever it suits them or when they think no one is watching.

No wonder GOP members aren’t prone to following their rules. I mean, if Democrats themselves don’t think they are important, then why should anyone else think so either?

Besides, as Roy says, the House’s time could be much better spent deciding fundamental laws and regulations that could really make a difference for Americans. You know, like fixing all the issues at the southern border. Or getting to the bottom of what went wrong with our elections process in 2020.

But no, leading Democrats would rather make up silly rules that give them more power than do anything actually worthwhile.