White House Switches to TikTok Influencers Since First Lady Failed to Convince Today’s Youth to Get Vaccinated

The Biden administration is struggling with getting everyone vaccinated. It can’t possibly be because their messaging has been inconsistent. It also can’t be as a result of people not wanting to have a vaccine injected into their bodies that hasn’t been FDA approved.

In an effort to encourage more people to get vaccinated, the First Lady began touring the U.S. Dr. Jill Biden stood in front of groups to talk about how great the vaccine is and how Americans can do their part to put the COVID-19 pandemic behind us.

There are just a few problems with that.

  1. The crowds that Dr. Biden was able to pull in were often less than a dozen.
  2. She often faced crowds that boo-ed her.
  3. She is the age of the target demographic’s grandmother.
  4. She’s using her title of “doctor” to have clout even though everyone knows she’s a Doctor of Education, not of Medicine.

Well, there are still too many people who are unvaccinated, according to the federal government. They could work on the real issues as to why people don’t want to get vaccinated – a consistent message or FDA approval.

However, the Biden administration has proven time and again that they’re not capable of rational thought. They believe that people need to learn about the vaccine and that they need to hear it from the “popular” people.

And to think that people didn’t respond to a 70-year-old woman telling them to get vaccinated because it would make her husband happy.

So, according to the New York Times, the White House has recruited an “influencer army.” These young kids respond to influencers, right? Since the First Lady wasn’t capable of influencing anyone, the White House has recruited an array of popular TikTok stars to begin promoting a pro-vaccine campaign.

The CDC has reported that less than half of Americans between the ages of 18 and 39 are fully vaccinated. And, about 58 percent between the ages of 12 and 17 have received any form of the vaccine.

TikTokers, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers are taking to the internet to promote the vaccines. Because this should help to clear up any hesitation, right? It couldn’t be that these influencers just want a bit of added notoriety. Are we even checking to see if these influencers have been jabbed?

The desperation is thick within the administration. And, it seems that the White House isn’t concerned about this little thing called parental consent. They want to target the 12 to 17 crowd through social media. Surprise – most between these ages haven’t gotten the vaccine because their parents don’t want them to get the vaccine.

So, what does the Biden administration think is going to happen?

Oh, well, my favorite TikTok star told me to get vaccinated so I’ll just sneak past the CVS on my way home from school to get jabbed. Mom and dad don’t have to find out. President Biden said it was okay if I got vaccinated without my parents knowing…

Is this really the way that the federal government wants to play this? The vaccines have been known to have some wicked side effects, especially with those under the age of 18. If a parent doesn’t know that their child was vaccinated, it can lead to some serious problems.

This has to stop. TikTok influencers aren’t going to increase the number of vaccinated individuals. It’s a waste of taxpayer dollars. If the Biden administration wants to see the numbers increase, they have to focus on the issues that matter. For starters, they need to offer an incentive – like actually being able to go maskless if one gets vaccinated.