Board Threatened by Democratic Governor Because They Refused to Follow Orders

Michelle Lujan Grisham is the liberal governor of New Mexico. And like all of her fellow clowns, she feels the need to cover everyone’s face with a mask because a new virus is on the move. She has seen her opportunity to grab more power, and she is not about to let this opportunity slip through her witchy hands.

Grisham is furious over a tiny school board in a rural section of the state because they have decided not to bow to her wishes. The school board of Floyd Municipal Schools decided to let the students decide and their parents if their child should wear a mask or not.

Grisham cannot get it through her thick skull that people are not going to let her tell them how to care for their health. People are fed up with the liberals trying to act like doctors. They have no business telling anyone how to care for their health, especially when they violate their standards of care.

The school board also decided that temperature checks are no longer needed. And social distancing will be left up to each teacher. The staff and students have been through enough, and it is refreshing to see one school board doing what is suitable for their students. The choice must be left with the person.

Grisham cannot fathom the choices the school board has made. She cannot understand why they would go against her edicts. Leon Nall is a school board member. Nall stated that other school boards are just waiting to do what Floyd has done. But many are just waiting for a few to take the lead and take those steps toward freedom.

Floyd is one of those towns that has about 100 people living in it. The school has only 225 kids from around the region. Grisham is so wrapped up in herself that she cannot stand to let 100 people vote down her edicts. She is ready to send out the troops to force compliance.

The liberal governor had the Public Education Department sent the school district a letter threatening them to remove their school board title if they do not fall in line with the governor’s wishes. The state of New Mexico is nothing more than liberal territory with an evil queen dictating her evil laws.

The letter they sent to the school stated, “As you are aware, the actions above are inconsistent with the requirements put forward by the Public Education Department, in line with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and/or guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics, to protect the health and safety of staff and students, and to ensure continued access to in-person learning that is not disrupted by the spread of the COVID-19 virus.”

But what they are not saying is that the CDC recommendations are guidelines. They do not have to follow them. It is to be left up to the individual to do what is best for their health. It is illegal for the CDC to mandate such laws and try to enforce them. All they can do is offer recommendations.

The governor’s threat has to be accepted within a few days. Failure to comply will mean “Any punitive actions by the board against the Superintendent, other administrators, or school or district staff for following COVID-Safe Practices may result in immediate suspension of school board governance. Furthermore, the District will be subject to ongoing monitoring and site visits to ensure compliance with health protocols.”

The governor will send in the liberal police to make sure that her wishes are being obeyed. She believes that the general public is too stupid to make choices for themselves.

The school board will meet to consider its options. But this is a classic example of the kind of control the Democrats want at all levels of government. They want to be able to tell people what to do and punish them severely if they disobey.

The state would stand in place of taking over the school if they dissolved the school board. But since the people vote on school boards, the state has no authority to override the people’s choices. In a socialist’s dream, the state controls everything. And this is the first step of many that Grisham would love to take.