Lithuania Has an Immigration Crisis…Belarus Is Shoving Its Unwanted Iraqi’s Over Their Border…They Want to “Build That Wall”

In a peculiar sort of way, it’s nice to know the U.S. isn’t the only country with more than its fair share of immigration problems. Refugees are always trying to bust in somewhere, very few for legit reasons. Perhaps it’s only a result of their location, but who would have ever thought Lithuania would become the latest hot spot for illegals? Who even gave Lithuania a second thought, to begin with?

The situation has become so severe that the Lithuanian government has told its border guards to use force if required to turn the foreign invaders away. Many of them are Iraqui’s and the typical assorted grab bag of Muslims.

Lithuanian officials blame the flood of foreigners on of all things, air piracy. It seems that Belarus’ president Alexander Lukashenko got himself in a jam a while back that resulted in some additional EU sanctions being placed against his authoritarian ruled country. But this is another story.

Lukashenko is retaliating by flooding the Lithuanian border with people from his country who he won’t miss and can live without. This large group of rejects primarily consists of Iraqui’s. As evidence of his diabolical actions, a helicopter captured a video of Belarus border guards transporting truckloads of its less than desirable residents to the Lithuania border, dropping them off, and then doing U-turns to go pick up the next load.

Lithuania’s Interior Ministry said its border guards found three very large migrant groups hiding in a thin wooded stretch of no man’s land between the two borders. They were turned back without incident.

Lithuania Vice Interior Minister Arnoldas Abramavicius said its border guards first attempt the nice approach. “First of all, (Lithuanian border) officers tell them (migrants) that they are lost; that they have arrived in the beautiful country of Belarus and got the wrong way while enjoying its nature but now they must continue the tourist track back into that country.” If this doesn’t work they’re free to begin busting chops.

Being a realist, Abramavicius followed his statement up with, “It can not be ruled out that (border guard) officers will face aggression” from migrants. Lithuania can not accept this influx, which grows day by day.”

In a country with less than 3 million residents, it’s estimated that over 4000 exported Belarus Iraqui’s have already made their way into Lithuania. It’s anticipated that another 10,000 will soon arrive as the overwhelmed border guards can’t possibly contain the influx.

The EU has pledged millions to try and give Lithuania the upper hand in the spiraling crisis, but funds of this type are not allowed to be used for what the country wants to do. Lithuania wants to “Build That Wall.” No need to wonder where the idea came from?

But of course, where permitted by law, every country has its liberals, Lithuania, being no exception. Tomas Vytautas Raskevicius of the liberal freedom party and head of the country’s parliamentary human rights committee is both pro and con of the way the situation is being dealt with.

Raskevicius said he understands the need to use aggressive force when “necessary,” but he also stressed another point by saying the situation “is sensitive from the point of view of human rights, and that should be assessed.” As with any liberal course of action though, assessments take time, during which more Iraqui’s will be shoved over the border to seek new lives in Lithuania.

Belarus poses no real threat to anyone, anywhere. Maybe in a rare case like this, it might be better for the EU to lift the new sanctions and let life resort back to happier times. It wouldn’t cost anyone a dime to do it this way, and as part of the deal, they get to have their Iraqui’s back. They have to belong to somebody…