Another Unkept Promise…Immigrant Detention Centers Are Busting at the Seams…and They Just Keep Coming

Joe Biden made a lot of promises on the campaign trail. They generally followed his harsh criticism of the way Donald Trump was handling whatever situation he was stuttering about. But time tells all and it hasn’t taken very long for it to start talking in ear-shattering decibels. And it’s aiming its megaphone straight at the U.S./Mexico border as it’s screaming, “Where’s Joe?”

Alexander Martinez, a 28-year-old from El Salvador, is gay. He fled his country due to government persecution, widespread homophobia, and to escape the deadly wrath of the MS-13 gang who don’t take kindly to ‘queers.’

Martinez knew a mountain of red tape was waiting on him when he arrived at the border, but he had also put faith in what Biden had said and expected to at least be treated with a little dignity. But since arriving in April he’s been unmercifully harassed and abused while being held prisoner in an immigrant detention camp.

Due to safety concerns, the man’s been shuffled between six separate camps located in three different states. Martinez survived a round of COVID-19 while in detention but the relentless taunting and abuse from the guards have him at his breaking point. Plus, he’s being detained with the same group of homophobic South Americans he’s trying to escape and said the daily harassment has been unbearable.

Martinez said, “I find myself emotionally unstable because I have suffered a lot in detention. I never imagined or expected to receive this inhumane treatment.” He’s currently being held at the Winn Correctional Center in Louisiana.

Tensions are running high among detained immigrants as their population grows and none of them are getting released. They’re stuffed in their quarters tighter than beef in a taco shell. For appearance’s sake only, the Biden administration cleared a good many of them during their initial screening process.

Clearing the first step gives immigrants the green light to apply for asylum in the U.S. Now…If they could somehow just get out of their assigned detention centers to do that it would be of great help.

Since the end of February with do-nothing Biden wheezing in his Lazy-Boy, the immigrant detainee population has more than doubled and there doesn’t appear to be any relief in sight. Wasn’t it Kamala Harris who said she was gonna whip this child into shape starting on day one? Maybe not…it could be a simple misunderstanding.

Pro-immigration groups that rallied behind Biden are realizing the error of their ways and they’re letting it be known. They fully expected El Presidente to reverse the hardline immigration system enacted by Trump. Biden took an oath based on his promises to end the long-term detention of immigrants and to shut down private prisons where the bulk of them are still being held.

Executive director of Detention Watch Network, Silky Shah, said, “We’re at this really strange moment with him. There’s still time to turn things around, but his policies so far haven’t matched his campaign rhetoric.”

In May, as yet another false display of promises kept, Biden ordered the closure of two private detention centers being funded by ICE. The thunderous applause could be heard around the world. ICE either owns or controls 959 detention centers throughout the U.S. Guess no one applauding knew that.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said he’s going to dig into the problem with special attention given to the more problematic centers. He told Congress he’s “concerned about the overuse of detention.”

Roughly 13% of the immigrants in detention have already passed their first go-round of screening and have been determined to be of no threat. They aren’t fugitives or gang members, and they have no criminal record.

Next time we’ll talk about the immigrants who horridly failed the initial step and have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, to be returned to their native countries so they can attempt to illegally cross the border at another more opportune time.

The southern border has always been a crisis but thanks to Trump’s sternness we were at long last getting it under control. He promised he was going to do something about it and he did. The Democrats seldom appreciated how he accomplished his goals, but so what, he fulfilled his promise in the best and only way possible.

Then along came Joe and this is where this story is forced to end since he has yet to write a word in the next chapter. He still claims “it ain’t that bad down there,” but when’s the last time he bothered to witness things with his own eyes? We know the answer. Do you?