Defund Police Movement Dead on Arrival as Fatal Blow Is Issued

The sneaky Democrats are up to their old tricks again as they lie that Americans want to defund the police. For the better part of a year, their people have tried to act like the majority when they are the minority. The cities that fell for the lie found out quickly that the vast majority of people love law enforcement because they like living in peaceful places.

But for people like Joe Biden and his administration, are a bit slow reacting to the people’s will. They are so far disconnected from the people that they have no clue as to what people want. They still believe that Americans want to defund the police.

Jen Psaki is Biden’s mouth. She rehashes what she thinks the old man wants. But her job is next to impossible because Biden cannot remember what he wants. He does what he is told and does it how he is told to do it.

The Democrats will say anything to push the notion that defunding the police is a popular idea. But when they started to realize that it was unpopular, they needed to blame someone else quickly. And their party of choice was the Republican Party. They had forgotten that the conservative movement was pro-police and fought against defunding the police craze.

The overwhelming flood of evidence eluded the senses of the Democrats. They chose to ignore the people’s wishes and did what they thought was right. They even ignored the evidence about the election fraud because they were the ones that committed the fraud.

Small groups of people rallied and violently demanded that the city councils around the country strip away the money allocated for law enforcement. When the Democratic councils caught wind that their decisions were unpopular and did much harm to their image, they were quick to reverse their nasty deeds.

The crime rates in areas that defunded the police skyrocketed days after the police lost their funding. The Democrats thought they finally had their utopia but quickly lost it when the millions of law-abiding citizens came knocking on the city council doors. The people were so enraged with the Democrats that they demanded things to be put back the way they were, or there would be consequences at the voter’s box.

The lousy liberals took to damage control as the winds of approval changed. The people wanted the police on the streets, and the only way to put them back was to refund the police. But to do that, they needed to blame someone for their sins. And the logical choice was to make the public think it was the Republicans that caused the trouble.

The problem with their blame choice is that the evidence clearly showed that the Democrats were responsible for the push. There were news recordings that showed powerful Democrats demanding the police lose their funding.

Over the past year, people could not help but see the riots and violent attacks by the liberals on the nightly news. The apparent evidence was so evident that they were liars the more they tried to place the blame. Their timing, as usual, was horrible, and there was no way they could cover up their betrayal of the law enforcement.

In the places they defunded the police, the murder rates went up along with petty crimes. The remaining police force could not keep up with the rapid increase in the crime rate. Many crimes would go with no response because there were no police to cover the area. And for some strange reason, the clueless Democrats thought the majority of the people would accept an increase in crime.

The media tried to pass off the crime rates and violent gatherings as acceptable moments of peace. But their deeds only fueled the people to stand against their liberal leaders. The Democratic Party deserves to have their lies thrown back into their faces. The majority needs to stand up against the evil sweeping through the country and stop it at the ballot box. The will of the people still reigns supreme in America.