Chicago Cops Turn Their Backs on Mayor Lightfoot

As with any major city, Chicago has seen its fair share of crime. But as we know, the past year or so has been one for the record books in the city, with crime skyrocketing and shootings happening every weekend.

This past weekend one of those fatal shootings took a police officer’s life.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Officer Ella French was conducting a routine traffic stop at around 9 pm on Saturday when the suspect, Emonte Morgan, shot and killed her. Morgan remains in police custody and is being held without bail.

French was only 29 years old.

Now, any loss of life is tragic, but it is particularly so when someone so young and innocent is taken from us. And the fact that she was only trying to serve her community and make it a safer place doesn’t help.

However, Chicago’s Democratic and racist Mayor Lori Lightfoot apparently doesn’t see it that way.

While she did come to the hospital where French was pronounced dead and did make a public statement condemning the violence that took this young officer’s life, the sentiment was too little and too late. Or at least that’s how most of the city’s police saw it.

During Lightfoot’s public address at the hospital, some 30 other police officers were present. And, as if on cue, all of them performed an about-face, turning their back on the mayor.

Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez posted a photo of the officers’ blatant and well-deserved display of disrespect. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed reported that the action was “astounding,” with one witness saying it had looked to be “choreographed.”

As Alderman Lopez wrote in a Facebook post, “They turned their back to the mayor just as she has turned her back on the rank and file time and time again.”

But Lopez is not the only one who thinks the action was deserved.

Matt O’Shea, another Chicago Alderman of the 19th Ward, told WGN-TV that he and most of the police force have felt nothing but hatred from both their communities and city politicians for some time now.

He said, “For the past year and a half – longer – law enforcement has been under siege, underappreciated, and felt that communities don’t have their back. That elected officials don’t have their back. We got to get this under control. We gotta partner with our law enforcement. We got to support our police.”

And the president of the Fraternal Order of Police in Chicago, John Catanzara, blames all of that animosity police are feeling at the liberal feet of Mayor Lightfoot.

He recently told Fox News, “She’s a flag in the wind. For two and half years that she has been mayor, she has vilified the police. This city is less safe because Ella French was murdered by a violent individual that is absolutely been encouraged to do violent things by the people who run this city and state.”

And he’s not exactly wrong.

Since the death of George Floyd in May of last year, and even before that, liberals like Mayor Lightfoot have been pushing to do away with the law and order agencies that have held this nation intact for decades now. While crime continues to rise in her city, with new deaths and crimes happening at all hours of the day and night now, Lightfoot continues to say that the police are the problem, that Chicago will be safe without them.

But time and time again, it has been proved that’s not the case. With the defunding of police and literal downsizing of CPD, crime has only grown. The citizens of Chicago have been left to defend themselves, with not enough officers to police the streets nor the backing to do so.

For those like the 30 who physically turned their back on Lightfoot, their feelings are only to be expected. I mean, why would they want to support or even protect a woman who seems to go out of her way to support everything else but them?

And now she knows that they won’t.