Newsom Sides With Cold Blooded Killer and Allows His Release From Prison

The Democrats seem to have only their selfish interests in mind when they make decisions. Gavin Newsom is a prime example of their greedy ambitions. For years the Democrats have sought to undermine law enforcement around the country. And now that they are in power, they believe they can do whatever they want.

Their power-crazed mentality was seen during the pandemic when they fought to release prisoners from their cells, all in the name of the virus. And when that was not enough, they fought to change the laws so people could commit crimes without facing the consequences of their actions.

Newsom decided that he had buried himself enough in ignorant actions. But the clueless man found a way to tick more people off when he released a man from prison that murdered another man with a disability. The sadistic man is already facing a recall.

One report noted that “Gov. Gavin Newsom has allowed the release of a killer who served four decades in prison for the murder of a developmentally disabled California man who was buried alive.”

David Weidert murdered a disabled man and watched him die as he was buried alive at Weidert’s hand. The cold-blooded killer was up for parole, which had been blocked by Newsom’s predecessor Jerry Brown, a Democrat. But when he came up this time around, Newsom looked the other way and let the killer roam free.

Weidert had murdered Michael Morganti to cover up a burglary that he had committed. Jerry Brown at least recognized the danger that this murderer presents to society. But Newsom loves the criminal and wants to continue killing the state by flooding it with violent criminals.

Newsom reported that he was going to accept the Board of Parole Hearings. That board thinks that the man does not pose a threat to society. But Weidman’s past is full of criminal activity, and there is no reason to think that he will change just because he was released from a murderer’s paradise.

Morganti’s sister is Vikki Van Duyne, and she has attended the past 11 parole hearings. Her presence was to oppose any decision to release the man from prison. But when she heard about Newsom’s decision not to act, she stated, “I didn’t think the governor would think that things had changed in 13 months from the time when he said no last time, because I didn’t see anything change.”

Weidert used Morganti to watch for cops while he tried to steal $500. The official report stated that “Morganti later spoke with law enforcement, and Weidert silenced him by luring him into a car and taking him to an isolated location to kill him. Morganti was beaten with a baseball bat and a shovel, stabbed with a knife, and forced to dig his own grave before being buried alive.”

The slow and horrific death would lead to Morganti suffocating while Weidert went on his merry way. His lawyers seem to think that he understands the scope of what he did. But like all criminals, he knows exactly what to say and how to say it to get what he wants most. And that is freedom from his cell.

The parole board noted that “Parole commissioners balanced Weidert’s youthful immaturity and lack of criminal record at the time and decades of good behavior in prison against what they called ‘an incredibly gruesome, violent, horrific murder’ in deciding he is no longer a risk.”

Newsom is blinded by his lust for power that he cannot see Weidert’s danger to the state. John Cox is a Republican, and he stated that criminals should never be released. He blasted Newsom by saying, “What Gavin Newsom has done sickens me. Gavin Newsom has no respect for public safety. His actions allowing this killer to go free are disgusting. We must recall Newsom from office.”

Weidman killed someone in cold blood and left him to suffocate in a grave. Newsom sided with the killer, and he will have to answer for this decision. Newsom was elected to protect the people from criminals, and all he has done is turn his back on them.