The Taliban Gets More Freedom on Twitter Than the GOP

Former President Trump was silenced on Twitter.

Various members of the conservative media have been silenced on Twitter.

The Taliban has killed their way across Afghanistan in order to capture the capital of Kabul, yet their tweets are still alive and well.

What is wrong with Jack Dorsey and his righteous Twitter platform that a terrorist organization would be allowed to run free on Twitter?

It seems that Dorsey and his merry band of fact-checkers seem to have their priorities amok. The Taliban shouldn’t be allowed to tweet a live video from inside the presidential palace. Yet, they’ve been able to do that – and much more.

There’s actually more freedom being given to the terrorists than to members of the GOP – and that should be terrifying.

Since Dorsey lost his moral compass ages ago, Dan Crenshaw, a GOP Representative out of Texas, is happy to point out the hypocrisy. He started out with a simple tweet to ask why the Taliban gets an account. He went on to ask, “You see why Americans are pissed about your BS standards?”

It is a question well worth asking…not that Crenshaw will get any kind of response out of Dorsey. The CEO of Twitter isn’t one to exchange banter with the GOP. He’d rather just mute them. Or, as he did with former President Donald Trump after the January 6 riot, issue a complete ban from the platform.

Allowing Islamist warlords to have a violent and repressive voice doesn’t seem to bother Dorsey, though. The spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Zabihullah Mujad, has maintained an official account on Twitter. Perhaps the scariest part of this is that he has 277,000 followers. Mujad tweeted shortly after arriving in Kabul on Sunday that “We assured all embassies, diplomatic centers, institutions and places and foreign nationals in Kabul that they will not face any danger.”

Where’s the fake news flag, at the very least? Aren’t the fact-checkers supposed to be looking for misinformation?

It’s hard to believe anything that Mujad has to say when the Taliban are lining the streets holding automatic weapons in their hands. It doesn’t look peaceful. What it looks like is a threat that people will most certainly face some kind of danger – and at the hands of the Islamic Emirate.

Mujad has been tweeting for nearly 24 hours about how the Taliban has advanced through the region and what will happen in the coming days now that the U.S. is actively fleeing the country.

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen also has a Twitter account. On his account, he tweeted that there are false claims about what they have forced young girls to do in the past and that it is “poisonous propaganda.”

It isn’t propaganda, though – it is the truth. There have been countless examples of how the Taliban have violated human rights.

There doesn’t seem to be the same desire to address Taliban accounts as there are to address GOP accounts. What this means is that Twitter is content to let the terrorists have more freedom on the social media platform than the U.S. government.

Yeah, and we’re supposed to believe that Twitter is nonpartisan.