New York’s New Governor is a Fan of Going Maskless…This Should Be Interesting

There’s nothing better than the way in which the Democrats are hypocritical. The proof is within New York’s new governor, Kathy Hochul.

Hochul is Cuomo’s replacement, and she’s kicking things off in an interesting turn of events.

Although the state has a statewide mask mandate in the schools, that apparently doesn’t apply to everyone. Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul has decided that she’s not going to wear a mask.

During a fundraising event last Wednesday, she decided not to wear a mask. After all, Democrats are all about “do as I say, not as I do.”

She’ll be the state’s first female governor – and she’s already decided that it’s time to start the fundraising process. She knows she’ll need a strong campaign if she wants to have a four-year term as governor.

During the fundraising event, she was introduced by fellow Democrat Mark Poloncarz. Serving as Erie County’s eighth county executive, Poloncraz has made sure that there are strict mask mandates in place. Yet, he introduced her without a mask on. He also got caught golfing with friends without a mask in sight.

It’s hard to get past the hypocrisy. Why should people mask up – and be forced to wear masks – when those who are setting the rules are choosing to go maskless.

Many want to accuse Republican governors such as Florida’s DeSantis or Texas’s Abbott for not creating mask mandates. It’s all about freedom. Want to wear a mask? Wear one? Don’t want to wear one? Don’t.

New York isn’t offering that ability to choose. Their mask mandates are straightforward, eliminating the freedom that many Americans are used to having. People must wear masks – unless they’re a Democrat in a position of power.

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw pointed out some of the hypocrisy when Poloncraz was caught at a public skating rink without a mask just two weeks after his department of health had to shut down a different rink for hosting a hockey scrimmage without masks.

Hochul isn’t starting off on a good foot. Mychajliw pointed out that “Most people are outraged over the whole hypocrisy where Hochul’s donors and close friends do not have to wear masks—they don’t social distance—but they’re forcing kids to do so.”

As Mychajliw joked, you won’t catch COVID as long as you are one of her political donors.

The fundraiser where all of Hochul’s supporters were seen without masks would be fine if there weren’t mask mandates in place. So, many New Yorkers have a message for their new governor: get rid of the mask mandates.

People all across the U.S. are used to freedoms that involve making decisions for themselves. They don’t want to be privy to a government overreach scheme.

Although Hochul enjoys the feel of fresh air on her face and leaving her mask far behind, it’s clear that she’s going to maintain the mask mandates. She’s been vocal about supporting mask mandates through New York’s public school system.

Mychajliw feels that it’s abusive toward children. After all, schools in New York are rarely air-conditioned. Combine that with the science that kids are the least susceptive to COVID and it’s just not right to make them wear masks. It will only hinder their learning experience.

Meh. That doesn’t matter.

New York’s newest governor will go maskless without a care in the world. She’ll start off being hypocritical. Perhaps she’ll have the shortest term ever as New Yorkers simply aren’t going to stand for someone who will make rules only to be followed by everyone else.