Military Mandated to Receive Vaccine or Take Off the Uniform…Immediately, and Without Question

When a civilian makes the choice to serve their country they raise their right hand and take an oath to willfully surrender many of their future choices. They agree to go where they are told, to do what is commanded of them, and to never question their higher authority, via the threat of a dishonorable discharge. They’re also forced into taking countless shots and immunizations and this includes the new directive mandating the COVID-19 vaccine. “Roll ’em up or take off the uniform.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered military leaders to “impose ambitious timelines for implementation.” He said the injections must begin immediately. No more choices.

More than 800,000 military members remain unvaccinated for personal reasons that no longer matter. With Pfizer now being affixed with the seal of approval from the FDA, the Department of Defense said, “times up.” The vaccination will also be added to the endless list of inoculations new recruits must receive in boot camp/basic training, even if they’ve already had it.

Outside of commanders being told to hurry up and get it done, no specific timeline was issued. The plan is for the Department of Defense to review daily progress reports in hopes of accomplishing the mission in only a matter of weeks. The amount of pressure they’re capable of applying negates the need for a timeline.

Austin said, “To defend this Nation, we need a healthy and ready force. After careful consultation with medical experts and military leadership, and with the support of the President, I have determined that mandatory vaccination against coronavirus disease…is necessary to protect the Force and defend the American people.”

The Pentagon said there’s plenty of the Pfizer vaccine laying around to quickly tackle and complete the mandate, but if someone prefers a different brand they can still run down to their local CVS Pharmacy and get it as long as they can show proof. But there ain’t no gettin’ out of it.

The challenge to accomplish the mission is not that great among America’s 1.3 million active-duty forces, but the mandate also applies to National Guard and Reserve troops. These soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen, are scattered throughout every hill and holler in the nation, and they only meet up once a month so best of luck pulling this one-off.

Plus, reserve and guard units are inclined to be a bit more free-thinking than their active-duty counterparts. They aren’t saturated with military protocol day and night and this is why a great majority of these part-time troops chose this way to serve. They wanted to serve their country, they just didn’t want all of the daily BS that goes along with doing it full-time, and as such, the mandate is bound to meet with some resistance.

“Our vaccination of the Force will save lives. Thank you for your focus on this critical mission,” said Autin. Just as in the civilian community, coronavirus illnesses and deaths are quickly and steadily rising in the military as the Delta variant worms its way through the troops.

Whether the military being mandated is a good thing or a bad thing depends completely on an individual’s point of view so we won’t comment in this regard. Surely it constitutes a violation of individual rights, but once again we need to remain cognizant of the military oath of enlistment and those who vowed to uphold it.

The only thing those in opposition to receiving the vaccine can hope for now is that with the government becoming mandate happy, they don’t attempt violating the rights of civilians who have not taken an oath to obey authority with no questions asked. That could present a problem…