Illinois Might as Well Strip Citizens of All Rights…Especially Teachers

Freedom. It seems to be taken away more and more. We’re dealing with mandates that take away our right to choose. It’s happening when it comes to mask-wearing, getting vaccinated, and more.

Illinois seems to be fine with stripping its citizens of more and more rights.

Governor J.B. Pritzker announced that there will be a new indoor mask mandate for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status. Oh, and the best part? It applies to those 2 years old and older. Yes, the governor even expects toddlers to strap on a mask and “do their part.”

Now, it’s not just mask mandates, though. The state doesn’t want to stop there. Apparently, they’ve decided that they’ll follow Biden’s lead and ignore science. We’ve completely abandoned the idea that we can acquire herd immunity.

Employees who are in the K-12 and higher education systems will be mandated to get vaccinated.

According to the governor, all 102 counties in the state fall under the high-transmission category of the CDC. The entire state. That’s hardly the case, but he’d rather focus on consistency rather than picking and choosing between counties.

The teachers’ unions in the state have apparently welcomed the vaccine mandate. Yet, they’re clearly not listening to what the teachers want.

Illinois is like many other states – they don’t have a perfect number of vaccinations. At least 30% of the population is unvaccinated – and many of them are teachers.

The simple reason? The FDA just approved the Pfizer vaccine. Yet, there are still other manufacturers lacking FDA approval. We also don’t know the long-term effects of the vaccine, how often the booster will be needed, and how it affects those with other health concerns.

Yet, we’ll still force our educators to get the vaccine – or they risk losing their job.

This is quite the gamble. Right now, every state faces a shortage of teachers. Meanwhile, there are countless companies hiring – and paying very well.

Teachers who don’t want to get vaccinated could easily leave the public school system in search of another job. Since there are plenty of opportunities, they wouldn’t have to look for long.

The number of Illinois cases is hardly the surge that the governor claims that they are. Most days, the numbers are lower than they were in March 2020.

The governor and his administration probably don’t want to hear about the fact that being vaccinated isn’t guaranteed protection, either. Considering that more and more people are dealing with breakthrough cases, he could be making people get vaccinated only to turn around and get COVID anyway.

The teachers’ unions seem to be happy even if the teachers aren’t. And, the governor is happy because he can say he’s doing something to get ahead of the curve.

Yet, Illinoisans are forced to succumb to the fear-mongering of the Democratic Party. Everyone will be forced to suffocate behind layers of masks, even though previous mask mandates hardly helped with the surge.

First, it’s masks…then it’s vaccines. What will the Illinois governor think of next to ensure that Illinoisans are stripped of all of their rights, one by one? After all, if he does it slowly enough, they won’t even notice…right?