International Leaders Finally Seeing Biden for the Buffoon He Is

Americans may not be happy at the appalling turn of events in Afghanistan, but we’re at least not alone in our consternation. Joining conservatives on team “what on earth were you people thinking” are our British friends who haven’t taken to kindly to the humanitarian crisis growing by the day, thanks to President Joe Biden’s strange decision to pull out of Afghanistan.

Unlike many Americans who are trying to save face, the Brits are angry and they don’t care who knows about it. It was Aug. 18 when headlines broke that Parliament in Merry Olde England decided to hold Biden in contempt (of what I don’t know unless it’s common sense and decency) for obstructing their process amidst the utter chaos happening in the war-torn country of Afghanistan.

Tory members of Parliament went so far as to put the leader of the free world (or at least whoever the leader is puppet dressed in a Biden suit) on blast, saying that the president and his administration endangered not only Afghans and Americans stranded behind enemy lines but also some of their own not only Afghans and Americans who are enemy lines but also some of their own.

“The UK government is now in a race against time to airlift nearly 2,000 Afghan interpreters and other staff who worked for Britain out of Kabul amid a growing backlash at Joe Biden over his decision to stick to his August 31 withdrawal deadline,” the U.K. Daily Mail reported on Wednesday.

According to the publication, there have been Taliban security checkpoints put in place to allow who would be allowed to go home. However, even if the individuals in question made it past those, they were largely left sitting at the Kabul airport. There are reportedly some 10,000 people waiting for a flight out of the nation that is being once again shredded by terrorists with no regard for human life.

While seeing Biden gut the interests of our allies and destroy what American soldiers have been laying their lives down for 20 years was heartbreaking enough, it’s like a car wreck that you can’t look away from. The hits just keep on coming, and Biden’s critics grow louder, for good reason.

According to The Independent Journal Review, “MPs joined in the chorus of relentless criticism coming from us here in the U.S., condemning the president’s refusal to extend the exit date for U.S. forces because Washington maintains that ‘an extension would leave troops at too great a risk of attack from the Taliban or Isis,’” in the words of the Daily Mail.

Some Tory MPs are questioning Biden’s “intellectual fitness,” and one even went so far as to call him “gaga,” in reference to recent moves.

“I’m sorry, he is just gaga … he doesn’t have a grip,” the British politician said. “How many slip-ups before people think, yep, he can’t do the job.”

But of course, that isn’t the only side of the pond with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy putting the heat on Biden saying during a Wednesday media briefing, “He turned his back and walked away — an image that has come to define him and his presidency.”

The New York Post went on to report of that press briefing that McCarthy said, “He turned his back on our own citizens stranded in Afghanistan, he’s turned our back on our allies and partners, he’s turned his back on his duties as commander in chief.”

As the Biden administration blames Americans abroad for not getting themselves out of the country fast enough to not be bludgeoned by the falling debris of what other administrations have built with the blood, sweat, tears and lives of Americans overseas, our political allies question whether we are fit to be in partnership with them.