Biden Having a Negative Effect on Veterans

Men and women that have been in combat pay a price that only recently is beginning to be understood. PTSD is an actual condition that affects thousands of heroes every year. Many of them have trouble functioning in society when things get loud or tense around them. And when Joe Biden turned his backs on the families and soldiers in Afghanistan, 35,000 calls flooded the Veterans Affairs Suicide hotline in just two weeks.

One report has shown that once Biden started to pull out and make a mess of things, the spike in suicide attempts and PTSD issues started to rise. These are the men and women that have given their lives to keep freedom alive in the world. The report showed that “The scenes of chaos in Kabul and of unchallenged Taliban seizures across the country compound the narrative that the US failed. Photographs of the Taliban in salvaged US military uniforms and gear, and stories about the abandonment of Afghan interpreters and others who supported American units evoke frustration and sadness among vets. Comparisons to the US pullout from Saigon and European leaders accusing the United States of ‘weakening NATO’ further degrade the resilience of American veterans.”

American soldiers are trained very well and serve their country free of political bias. They are willing to follow orders even if the man in charge is unworthy of the position that he stole during an election that was rigged in his favor.

Every time liberal steps into office, the soldiers are neglected and left to do a job they are not prepared to do. But Biden’s neglect of the active men and women and the ones that have settled back into civilian life is having a horrible effect on their wellbeing.

Joe Biden is as toxic as it gets for them. Matt Zeller is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. He has told his story by saying, “I’m now sitting here 20 years removed almost from the very event that propelled me into the military, which was the attacks of September 11. And now I’m wondering if the last 20 years were completely pointless and in vain. All the friends I lost in Afghanistan — what were their deaths for? What was their sacrifice for if this was the end state? I don’t think I did anything worthwhile at this point.”

Biden has made all of the effort pointless now that the Taliban has moved back into the country. The concern now is for those that have served and have been told by the Commander in Chief that their work was worthless and did nothing for the country or Afghanistan.

Families that have lived without their loved ones for extended periods are also feeling the pain of Biden. They want that time back. At least then, it could have been used to make other memories. And the lives that were lost during the war would still be alive today. But Biden does not care about how they feel. All he wants to have been the praise and recognition for getting America out of a war that they were winning.

Elliot Ackerman was a man that served in the Marine Corps for five different tours of duty. He has stated that “It’s not only Afghans for whom the Biden administration has shown a lack of empathy. It’s also America’s veterans. It shouldn’t fall to our service members to clean up the mess made by this catastrophic withdrawal. And yet it has. For years, veterans have been calling for the issuing of long-promised visas for Afghan allies to be sped up.”

The soldiers pleaded with Biden to get everyone out. And “The calls only grew louder after Mr. Biden announced his withdrawal plan. In April, a chorus of veterans’ groups pleaded with the White House to begin a mass evacuation of Afghans. In June, a bipartisan group of lawmakers sent a letter to the White House asking why the Pentagon had not been mobilized to protect Afghan allies, warning ‘the time is now.’ And yet Mr. Biden went ahead, over the pleas and against the advice of so many. The warnings came true.

The men and women with PTSD are very much connected to what is going on in the military world. What happens to their fellow veterans affects them as well. Every call that came in on the suicide line must be taken seriously because life is in danger of being lost unless they get help from people who care. And that help certainly is not Joe Biden.