Dems Get Desperate to Pay for Their Wish Lists…and Americans Will Pay for It All

The Democrats of the Senate are getting desperate for ways to pay for their $3.5 trillion budget resolution. It’s an expensive resolution – but that’s because it’s filled with all of their liberal wish lists.

As it stands right now, there’s no way to pay for it. It’s not something that the U.S. budget can support.

Will that stop the Senate Dems from trying to pass it? Of course not. They’ll just get creative in terms of how Americans will pay for it all.

One of the most desperate ideas pitched is a plastic tax. Now, stop for a moment to consider all that you buy on a regular basis that’s made of plastic. You might not even have a choice in the matter. It’s simply the material of choice for so many manufacturers.

A four-page document was obtained by NBC News that explains how Democrats would establish a plastics excise tax. It would impose a fee of $.20 per pound on the sale of virgin plastic. The document states that most of this plastic doesn’t get recycled. Instead, it’s disposed of as trash or makes its way into the oceans as marine debris.

We have to be cautious about what this excise tax could mean – and all so that the liberals can pay for climate control projects, universal pre-K, and countless other liberal legislation.

The reality is that “virgin plastic” is a key material used in clothing, toys, medical devices, and countless household products. The Democrats say that they don’t want to raise the tax on Americans – yet this tax would be affecting each and every American. It would raise the cost of necessary products considerably. Minority and low-income communities would be hit just as hard as any other American family.

The Democrats absolutely cannot create this plastics excise tax. Yet, it’s clear that they’re getting desperate. They need some way to fund their budget that is worth trillions. They wouldn’t dare start cutting things out of their budget resolution.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) has explained that it would decrease unrecycled contaminants. “The fee would help recycled plastics compete with virgin plastics on more equal footing and ensure that the plastics industry is accountable for its harms to the climate, oceans, and minority and low-income communities.”

Taxing isn’t going to do what Whitehouse thinks it’s going to do. It’s only going to push more people further into poverty. Simultaneously, it will give the liberals everything they’ve ever dreamed of by allowing them to have their posh wish lists.

Why is it that the Dems think that taxing Americans is always the answer? They’ll tax businesses that will raise the prices of consumer goods. And, they’ll directly tax Americans. They don’t care. They make so much money as career politicians that it doesn’t matter how much they pay in taxes.

Many have been earning so much for so long that they don’t have an understanding of what the average American goes through.

They’ll tax plastics because they’re running out of other things to tax. According to the report prepared by the Americans for Tax Reform, “the burden of the tax would be borne by consumers in the form of higher prices for everyday household goods.”

It would also mean that President Biden would be breaking a promise because Americans would suddenly be taxed – even if they earned under $400,000 a year.

At this point, we have to pray that Biden won’t break his promise – and that the Senate Dems don’t get the funding needed to make their wish lists happen.