Liberal Media Wants People To Think That Life Ends When Pandemic Benefits Expire

The Liberals have decided that it is best to keep all Americans guessing about the truth behind their selfish agenda. Joe Biden provides his worthless speeches that Jen Psaki has to interpret. The mainstream media passes along fake news stories and confusing headlines about events around the world. And the country is left wonder what direction America is supposed to be headed.

Over the holiday weekend, the media messed up and published a headline that revealed more than the confusion in their heads. The headline read, “Jobless Americans have few options as benefits expire.”

Sensible people know that there are more options for work than what Joe Biden would like everyone to believe. But this one headline was designed to enlist panic in people recovering from the pandemic so they would pressure their representatives to provide them more handouts.

Writer Ken Sweet wrote that “Millions of jobless Americans lost their unemployment benefits on Monday, leaving only a handful of economic support programs for those who are still being hit financially by the year-and-a-half-old coronavirus pandemic.” He fails to mention that people are still struggling because the Democrats refuse to open their businesses.

The sad little writer also noted that “Two critical programs expired on Monday. One provided jobless aid to self-employed and gig workers and another provided benefits to those who have been unemployed more than six months. Further, the Biden administration’s $300 weekly supplemental unemployment benefit also ran out on Monday.”

He cried that nearly 8.9 million people would be kicked off of government welfare programs. These people will have to go out and struggle to make ends meet. Or they can go out and do what Tec Cruz suggests and find a job.

Several channels were quick to publish his little story, but once the gravity of their lie was exposed, it was quickly taken down before people could catch onto what the media was trying to do. The media wanted to create a panic to mount against the expiration of benefits for those affected by the pandemic.

The Democrats want to keep these kinds of programs in place to keep their power over people. The last thing they needed was for Ted Cruz to see the story and dash their hopes full of holes. But it was too late for the liberals because Cruz would find out and stop their devious plan.

The very idea of getting a job to make money was once an obvious choice. But when a political party wants to create an environment of dependence, they must invent scenarios and stories that will force people to cry for their help. And there is no better way to get what they want than to keep pushing a deadly pandemic and keep people locked up in their homes for months on end.

As hard as the liberals may have tried to destroy the country with COVID lockdowns, the doors of commerce have opened back up. The need for people to rely on them for help no longer exists. But people like Sweet want their followers to think that it does exist. But with 10 million jobs ready for people to fill them, there is no reason anyone should be taking money from the lousy liberals.

Liberals are lazy people. They want to get paid for doing nothing. They are a group of people that think they deserve to be given what everyone else has worked their entire life to have. The Democrats have led them to believe that white people hoard all the good jobs and are not willing to share. But the truth is that every person has the opportunity to live the American Dream. All they have to do is work for it.

Now is the time for Americans to speak up and take back the freedoms that the Democrats have stolen through pointless lockdowns and excessive regulations. The country is open, and there is nothing that Biden or any other liberal can do to lock it down again. Jobs need to be filled, and people are living on handouts that need to fill those jobs. The easy option for people is to get off the couch and get a job.