Biden Wants to Forego Vetting Altogether to Turn Afghans into Citizens Fast

We’ve already been warned by other countries that some of the Afghans looking to enter as refugees are not as they appear. They are part of the Taliban or ISIS-K. It’s why it’s critical to vet each and every person that we allow into our country.

Safety is critical. Without putting safety first, we risk the lives of Americans and America itself.

President Biden is fine with risking our lives and our country.

Why wait for Afghans to fill out their immigration paperwork? Why bother with a vetting process? Currently, Biden is looking to get as many Afghans into the country and with citizenship in hand without requiring any kind of vetting.

It’s not only dangerous…it’s reckless.

Deputies within the Biden administration have buried the request to Congress inside of a 34-page list of “Continuing Resolution Appropriations Issues. The budget requests include requesting a change in the law so that the Secretary of Homeland Security has the ability to fast-track citizenship to Afghans – and most likely 50,000 of them or more.

Intelligence officials have already warned that this is a bad idea. If there are Afghans entering the country with ties to some of the extremist groups of Afghanistan, it could spell trouble for the U.S.

Right now, before an immigrant becomes a citizen, they would have to be vetted. Those who are identified as “grounds of inadmissibility” would not be able to become a citizen, qualify for welfare, or obtain government aid. Grounds for rejection include having a record of “terrorist activity,” has a criminal record, or has a disease.

If Biden gets away with this change in immigration law, Afghan migrants would be exempt from the grounds of inadmissibility.

What this means is that in the snap of a finger, we could be granting citizenship to criminals, terrorists, and those with transmissible diseases. And yet…the Biden administration doesn’t see anything wrong with this.

Of course, why would they? After all, the one heading up the Department of Homeland Security is Alejandro Mayorkas. He himself is a refugee from Cuba. And according to his agency, “the dignity of migrants – not Americans” are foremost within its policies.

The Biden administration has officially strayed away from the “America First” policies that were present during the former Trump administration. However, in his effort to put migrants first, Biden is risking the lives of Americans.

Andrew Arthur, a former immigration judge, explains that the Biden administration is looking to fix the PR disaster that Biden created by leaving Afghanistan too quickly. The administration wants to pretend as though it is their job to “fix” the problems of the world. Arthur explains that “immigration laws exist to protect the American people from threats, but the Biden administration is admitting people without even determining whether they pose a threat.”

What’s worse is that the administration is asking Congress to “full-heartedly eliminate the protections that Congress has put in place for the American people.”

Haven’t we already done enough? White House officials have already asked Congress for over $6 billion to help Afghans. We’ve brought at least 95,000 Afghans to the U.S.

At the very least, we need to pump the breaks by making sure that every Afghan entering the country is able to pass the basic vetting process. The grounds of inadmissibility should not be something that we offer an exemption on.