Hidden Videos Reveal Louisiana State Troopers Have Been Beating the Crap Out of Motorists for Decades

Immediately following the fiasco surrounding the death of George Floyd, previously unreported incidences of police abuse began to surface from around the country. The purported victims all say it would have been their word against the cops who tossed them around like a beanbag, so why fight a losing battle and risk making the situation worse? Since police officers were not required to wear body cams until as of late there’s no evidence to back the claims so they will remain a matter of hearsay only.

But some troopers did have a habit of shooting videos…

As with everything in life, there are always exceptions. In the case of there being an abundance of provable evidence of police brutality, Louisiana wins the auspicious trophy.

In Monroe, Louisiana’s state trooper offices there lies a digital vault where over the years items have been haphazardly tossed. Official papers along with items best not seen by the public randomly line dusty shelves. Tucked away between boxes are some of the most violent videos of police brutality that were ever captured on film.

Inventory files show the videos as lost or missing. It’s also been reported how the troopers would use the in-house only messaging system to brag about what they did to a person as the top brass turned their heads to the banter.

In one of the more disturbing videos, a Black man was being arrested after some white troopers found a small amount of marijuana in the man’s car. He was brutally slammed against the cruiser as he was being handcuffed, but this isn’t how the arrest ended. Once the cuffs were firmly locked in place the man was thrown to the ground where the cops then proceeded to beat the living crap out of him. The man had never once resisted arrest.

Another video shows a Black man in a routine traffic stop getting more than he bargained for. A white trooper beat the man 18 times on his head and chest with a metal flashlight. The victim suffered a huge gash in his head, broken ribs, and a broken jaw. This one was reported but the video had been purposely mislabeled. It took investigators 536 days to finally locate it, at which time the police promised to look into it. End of story.

In one of them, a trooper blind punches and knocks out a Hispanic male he suspected of drug trafficking. The cop stood calmly on the side of the highway admiring the strength of his punch. The attack had been unprovoked and it was never reported.

These videos would have remained under lock and key had it not been for the widely publicized deadly arrest of Ronald Greene in 2019 popping the lid off of what had previously been shrouded in secrecy. Via an Associated Press investigation, a long-term pattern of violence was revealed. All of the videos, of which there are more, are of Black motorists being punched, kicked, dragged, slammed, spindled, folded, and mutilated by white troopers.

The investigation found more than a dozen cases of troopers, and/or their higher-ups, willfully hiding or ignoring foolproof evidence of brutal beatings being carried out for giggles. The brass is in the habit of playing the blame game and they’ve made no effort to address the misconduct of the cops under their charge.

It’s all but impossible to determine if other states fit in the same mold as Louisiana. These types of occurrences are never entered into national databases and as has been witnessed in Louisiana, the public is only privy to what they are allowed to know about. Outside of that, mums the word.

A Black motorist put it this way. “Driving while Black is still a crime in Louisiana.”

Now that what’s been happening in Louisiana is public knowledge, what do you think? Is it a nationwide problem or is a mountain be made out of a molehill?