Democrats Accuse Each Other of Massive Betrayal of American Citizens

The Democratic Party is on the verge of self-implosion as they fight about which group gets the blame for leaving innocent Americans behind in Afghanistan. Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin started the fight when he placed blame after being questioned by Congress. He pointed out that Americans, people with green cards and visas, were purposefully left behind to fight for their lives by hiding from the Taliban.

Joe Biden recklessly gave the order to evacuate Afghanistan. He did not have an exit plan or plan to help the Afghan forces defend their country from future invasion forces. With the mighty United States out of the way, the terrorists could move back in and start to hunt for the people provided to them as a gift from Joe Biden.

The botched-up withdrawal has been labeled as “chaotic” by a lot of different people. Blame shifting between departments and people continues to plague the issue. The Senate Armed Services Committee was told that they could offer their “input” to the State Department about the evacuation; they could not be held responsible because they were there for a different purpose. The committee would soon discover that two teams were evacuating, which means there was a messed-up plan with no communication.

The blame game started when thousands of people headed to the airport to get on a plane to leave the country and Biden shut it all down and would not allow the planes to come in and rescue those left behind. Ultimately, the blame has to land on Biden’s shoulders because he is the one that forbids any outside forces from going in and rescuing the people.

And the entire matter cannot be explained by any person serving under Biden. None of them can accept responsibility for the hundreds of people left behind. The State Department refuses to provide any numbers for the people still hiding and waiting to be rescued, and Biden has turned his back on them and refuses to admit that the people even exist.

Austin maintains that the blame sits with the State Department because they delayed evacuations until the last minute. But with no communication as to what old man Biden was thinking, it got hard to determine what needed to be done.

“As I said in my opening statement,” Austin testified that “We provide input to the State Department. If they withdrew American citizens and SIV applicants at a pace that was too fast, it would cause a collapse of the government that we were trying to prevent.” Austin also blames previous work done in the country because removing people too fast would have caused the country to fall into chaos. But that did not matter since the country was being invaded.

And when Austin was finished lying to the people, General Mark Milley showed up to blame others for his treacherous role of forgetting to protect the people. He would claim that “I just want to be clear – we’re talking about two different missions. The retrograde of troops…that is complete by mid-July, and that was done, actually, without any significant incident. And that’s the handover of 11 bases, the bringing out of a lot of equipment — that was done under the command of Gen. Miller.”

So now it is General Miller’s fault as to why so many people were left behind. And the blame game continues.

There will be no rescue plan or action to secure every person until someone steps up and admits fault. Joe Biden will never accept responsibility because, in his eyes, he can do nothing wrong, and he cannot afford to look incompetent with midterm elections coming up.

Joe Biden wanted to sit at the top of the leadership, and as a result, all the blame will end up being placed on him. But until the Democrats wake up and see the truth, they will continue to fight among themselves. And everyone knows that a house divided cannot stand.

The Republican Party is just waiting to take back control because they plan to fix all the issues that Biden has created. But until Biden and his supporters are voted out, things will continue to be bad for the country.