Gender Identity Under Protection by Teachers Helping Deceitful Kids Rebel Against Parents


Teachers were once people who had a passion for helping educate kids, and they would seek to develop professional relationships with them and desire to be a part of their lives. But that desire has turned into a lust for power and control as many teachers indoctrinate young people with the liberal poison destroying society. The constant attack on the younger minds slowly turns them into mindless zombies primed to obey their master’s commands.

The purposeful hiding of training material from parents is what sets one trainer in a Texas public school district apart from those that seek to instruct kids genuinely. The teachers at Leander Independent School District were trained to talk about gender identity with the students, and they were told to change their pronoun usage to keep from offending brainwashed kids. Part of that training was to instruct kids on how to keep that information from their parents.

The favoritism shown to students who want to play around with sex changes is staggering. The teachers had to sit through a training seminar called “Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in Schools.” Forget about the other students who struggle with relating to students who are confused about their sexual orientation.

Monica Kelly is the trainer who is tasked with polluting minds. She is known to describe herself as a very “fat-positive, sex-positive therapist.” It’s another way of telling people that she has no intentions of taking care of her body.

Kelly started by telling the teachers to “Add your pronouns wherever your name is published and then also whenever you are introducing yourself, just to normalize the sharing of pronouns.” And not a word of what she just said made any sense to any person in the room.

The idea behind her nasty seminar is to get teachers to let the kids introduce themselves to the class. She wants to encourage the teachers to let the students call themselves whatever they want. So, if a student wants to be a rusty nail sticking out of a person’s foot, they can identify as such.

The very idea of supporting confused young people trying to be something they are not is absurd. It falls into the same category as telling kids that no one loses in life, and there will always be people who succeed and those who don’t. They should be teaching the kids that it is just fine to mess up, but just don’t quit trying to succeed.

Kelly has tried to rationalize the nonsense she promotes by telling the teachers that “We kind of do this already for students who have nicknames. We’re just asking to extend that courtesy to students whose gender identity may be different from their sex assigned at birth.”

Her statement is nothing more than a cover to hide the fact that she taught pronouns are the big bad wolf in the room. She told everyone that they must seek permission from the kids before specific pronouns could be used. She wants the teachers to ask if they can use the new pronouns on the call to parents.

Kelly threw a nasty curveball on everyone because she also alluded that the child may not be safe in the home if mom and dad found out that their little boy wants to play the housewife for a day. She made the parents out to be cold-blooded killers. She said, “if they are not out to their parents, it may be because it is not safe for them to be out. Non-affirming parents or even parents who are shaming about a student’s identity.”

She went on to tell the teachers that the schools were to be a safe zone for the kids. The schools have now become the guardians of the kids. She might as well tell the kids that they are not safe at home because mom and dad will kill them in their sleep.

The teachers are to hide the training from parents because they do not want to face the backlash of what they want to do with kids they are trying to hurt mentally. Every time the school boards try and liberalize the youth, parents have to step in and stop the nonsense. The school board needs to stop, and parents need to take over.