Killer Once Secured by Military Is Released and Kills Innocent People

Joe Biden and his botched-up administration have turned their backs on the American people. His actions have led to the death of countless people who thought he could do the right thing and support them as they serve their country. But, when the time came for him to protect Americans trying to get out of Afghanistan, they soon found out that he had already made out their death certificates.

During the messed-up retreat led by the old president, a known terrorist took a bomb and detonated it near the Kabul airport. 13 military members and several Afghan people would lose their lives due to the terrorist attack. It was an event that would signal more terror was to come.

But what is not known about the attack is that the bomber was in American control until Joe Biden made everyone leave the country. The terrorist would be released to continue with his mission to kill and terrorize as many people as he possibly could.

Ken Calvert is a Republican who revealed that the ISIS-K terrorist is named Abdul Rehman Al-Loghri. This man was a known terrorist and was jailed at the airbase. But when Biden made the selfish choice to leave the country, the man was released. And, it did not take him long to find a bomb to strap to himself and come back to kill his enemy.

Calvert’s office identified in a statement that “National security officials have confirmed to Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) that the ISIS-K bomber responsible for the August 26, 2021 terror attack at Kabul airport was carried out by an individual who was released from the Bagram prison shortly after the Taliban seized control of the facility on August 15, 2021. The U.S. military abruptly abandoned the facility in July of 2021.”

Joe Biden joined up with the terrorists to see that American security was removed. And that action alone was the only thing needed to allow the terrorist to complete his mission of suicide bombing before American military forces arrested him.

The way that Biden treats Americans is disgusting. He thinks of everyone but his party as nasty dogs. Calvert would reveal in the statement that “Thirteen Americans, including one of my constituents, were killed because of the poor judgment and execution of our troop withdrawal. The Biden Administration needs to explain why these prisoners were not transferred and secured at another location. Those responsible for these grave errors not only put our brave service members in harm’s way but have now – by our military’s own admission – placed Americans in greater danger than they were before.”

Biden will never admit his hasty decision was the cause of death in Afghanistan. This is a man who believes he can commit no wrong, and he thinks that his actions are divine and can only result in good things for all of humanity.

The Daily Wire reported that the Taliban released all the prisoners kept there once the terrorists took over the Air Base. They essentially released terrorists that Americans will have to face again when the time comes for an attack.

The Democrats have demonstrated that they support the enemies of the United States. And yet, their voters are blind to what they represent. The liberals have found a way to keep their base focused on trivial issues, such as men competing in female sports. These kinds of issues focus on the bigger problems and give an escape door that Biden can use to get away with murdering innocent Americans.

The president’s betrayal of his country will have lasting effects for years to come. Those like Calvert, who lost a friend or loved one, will continue to seek justice and answers. But as long as Biden sits in the president’s office, there will be no peace for those who lost someone because of his arrogance and ignorance.

The Taliban hates the United States, and they will continue to seek ways of terrorizing people as long as they continue to exist. America still is the greatest nation on the planet. But it can only remain that way if people fight back and keep people like Joe Biden from hurting any more people.