School Board Member Finds Out She Is Not Immune to Accountability


Parents are sick and tired of going to war with the liberal school boards around the country. They are tired of attending board meetings and having their concerns ignored by many liberals drunk with power and who think they can raise kids better than any parent. School kids are abused by liberals every day, and parents are stepping in to fight back for their kids’ future.

The liberal left is not receptive to the pressure being mounted by parents.¬† In Loudoun County, Virginia, parents are so fed up with one board member’s liberalism that they are moving to recall the woman before she can destroy any younger minds.

But their efforts were met with pushback from a liberal prosecutor that moved to protect the board member from being recalled. Berth Barts is the poison the parents are trying to remove.

The liberal prosecutor nearly stopped the recall effort until a judge stepped in and stopped the attacks. Berth Barts is accused of attacking parents at meetings. And now that the judge has excused the liberal prosecutor, the recall effort can move forward without delay.

The liberals around the country are trying to quiet the voice of freedom. Parents that speak up and fight for their kids are on the verge of being arrested for keeping their kid’s mental state protected. Joe Biden has even encouraged the Department of Justice to step in and attack parents when they speak up. But they are in for the fight of their life if they believe Americans are going to sit back and watch the Constitutional rights evaporate into thin air.

Barts was relieved of her job once she started attacking parents and shaming them at meetings. At one point, she rallied a virtual mob to attack parents when they would provide their opinions on social media platforms. She would even attack them publicly for voicing their concerns over school closures and lockdowns back by unions instead of commonsense.

The Facebook group where the mob attacked people included several officials that were elected to their positions. The prosecutor, Buta Biberaj, was one of the people who attacked parents.

To recall an elected official in Virginia, enough signatures must be collected to warrant a trial. Once that number has been reached, prosecutors go before a judge willing to hear the case. The recall group must prove that the elected official has abused their office, neglected their duties, and is incompetent.

Barts is guilty of all three items. She was already relieved of duty for politicizing her position.

The prosecutor, Biberaj, has even participated in the attacks. They were leveraging positions to get parents removed from the group that challenged the liberal agenda.

Biberaj was elected to the position after accepting help from George Soros. The old billionaire is known to aid people that fit his socialist position, and he thinks his money can get him anything his old heart desires.

The fight for kids is an ever-growing concern. In Fairfax County, Virginia, a far-left prosecutor dropped a recall case. The parents had the signatures, but they could not move forward because of the prosecutor’s unwillingness to take the case.

Ian Prior is the executive director of Fight For Schools. He represents parents as they gather the signatures to recall elected officials. He stated that one judge heard all the motions and gave favorable rulings to the parents in all three cases.

Prior stated that “Beth Barts was trying to dismiss the petitions claiming the affidavit portion of it was invalid. Fight For Schools had a motion to intervene in the case, and a motion to dismiss Buta Biberaj and appoint a special nonpartisan prosecutor. We won on all motions. The judge asked for about a week to appoint a special prosecutor, then we move forward into the next phase of discovery and investigation, with Fight for Schools as an intervenor in the case.”

Biberaj tried to tell the judge presiding over the case that the parents were unfit to testify, and he wanted it to seem like they could not participate in the case. But, the judge saw through his attacks and ruled in favor of the parent’s right to recall a danger to their kids.