States Take the Lead To Protect Nation From Invasion With Big Plan


Mission, Texas was the gathering site for ten Republican governors who have set out on a mission to protect the country from the open border policy that Joe Biden seems to have left in place. The governors revealed their plans to put a stop to the border crisis. They have reasoned well that the president has no interest in stopping the flow of migrants pouring into the country illegally.

As reported by the Daily Wire, “Texas Governor Greg Abbott was joined at the press conference by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Idaho Governor Brad Little, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, and Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon.”

All ten of these state leaders gathered together to tell the world that the secret messages sent by Biden to the illegals have encouraged them to keep swarming to the north. But the states have had enough of the surge and deliberate busing of so-called migrants into the country’s interior. These people are criminals, and they have no intention of obeying the laws of the land.

The plan gets specific as to what they will do with the illegals. The first step they agreed on should be to prevent COVID-19 infected people from entering the country. Biden has refused to use Title 42 to keep Americans safe. Biden would instead punish Americans by making life an eternal pandemic by deliberately letting infected illegals mingle with the healthy population.

They also plan on starting up Donald’s Trump “Remain in Mexico” plan that was killed by Biden but ordered by the Supreme Court to be reinstated. Biden has yet to comply with the court orders.

The governors have also agreed to finish securing the border, and something Biden also killed the first day he stepped into office. They plan on finishing the wall that Biden loathes so much.

The plan also calls for the judicial branch to catch up on the million cases awaiting a hearing. Biden can boast that he has created the worst immigration picture globally with his lies and promotion of open borders.

Their plan also calls for the immediate removal of all illegals who have criminal records. Biden ordered that all deportations come to an end. He would rather side with the killer than with a fellow American.

They also agreed to continue the fight against human and drug trafficking. Biden and his administration have made it easy for people to come into American neighborhoods and prey upon young girls. They are snatched right out of their yards by illegals and taken south of the border to live a life in sex slavery.

The governors also want to work with international allies to agree to secure their borders. Mexico lets people flow through its country without thought of why they are there illegally. A message needs to be sent to illegals that they will not reach their destination as quickly as they think.

The plan also includes an increase of border agents at the southern border. There are not currently enough stationed there to do their job because of Biden’s reckless behaviors and policy-making skills.

Greg Abbott stated that “Texas has stepped up to keep our communities safe and mitigate this crisis ourselves, and our efforts have been made stronger by the support and assistance of governors from across the nation. I thank the state governors who are here with me today for their support and for visiting the border to see firsthand the ramifications of President Biden’s disastrous policies.”

People are tired of waiting on Biden to act. He has had a year to step in and do what is suitable for America. But all he does is help illegals pack their bags and start heading north to the border. The Democratic Party no longer represents the American voter. They lie, cheat, and steal simply so they can remain in power.

America does not have a president who cares. The country has a man with an ego complex trying to make a name for himself in the world. His time in Washington has been a 40-year waste of his life, and all because he acts selfishly instead of for the people that he works for.