NFL Great and Trump Supporter Leads GOP Field in GA Senate Race

Mary A Lupo /

With what will likely be one of the most controversial and talked about midterm elections to date coming up in about another year, everyone is taking bets on who will be the one to flip the US Senate back to a Republican majority. And if Herschel Walker has anything to say about it, it will be him.

That’s former NFL star and the University of Georgia Bulldog running back, Herschel Walker.

If you didn’t know, the longtime Republican has become increasingly concerned with the direction our nation seems to be headed in. In fact, over the last few years, he’s involved himself quite a bit with politics, campaigning for certain movements and even for former President Donald Trump during 2020.

And then, after Trump suggested that Walker run to take the Senate seat of newly sworn-in Georgia Senator and race-baiting liar Raphael Warnock, it was all but decided.

Walker announced his run for the seat in late August, which Trump quickly and wholeheartedly endorsed. And since then, it’s been recently reported that he has raised a rather shocking amount of money.

According to Fox News, he’s raised a whopping $3.7 million in campaign funds in the last month. Just to put that into perspective, that’s about $100,000 a day.

Now, to be clear, in the grand scheme of things, more particularly, a highly contested midterm election in which the control for both the Senate and the House of Representatives is essentially up for grabs, that may not seem like a lot. It will take millions more every month for Walker to continue his run and stay on top.

However, it’s a really good start.

At present, the third quarter finance reports of his three Republican competitors have yet to be released. So, it’s tough to tell how well he’s actually doing, according to Fox

Then again, based on reports from the end of July, their fundraising skills have nothing on Walker.

According to National Review, the closest competitor in terms of funding is former Navy SEAL Latham Saddler, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He raised some $1.4 million in July. Next in comparison is Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, who raised about $700,000 during the same time. And Air Force veteran Kelvin King fundraised about $370,000 in July.

However, as you likely know, money doesn’t always mean everything. For example, Robert “Beto” O’Rourke raised a massive quarter of a billion in his race against Texas Senator Ted Cruz some years ago and still lost. But it does go a long way to making any campaign successful.

Polling isn’t a bad indicator, either. And currently, Walker’s leading on that level, too, according to Real Clear Politics.

Of course, should either one of Walker’s competitors outrun him, it would still be a much better option than the current man sitting in that seat. And any Republican taking over that seat would cause the entire Senate to potentially flip to a GOP majority again.

As I mentioned earlier, the majority currently held by Democrats is only paper-thin. Only Vice President Kamala Harris has the tie-breaking vote. And so, only one flipped seat would lead to a GOP take over of the Upper House and the ruination of Biden’s plan for the remainder of his term.

If it were up to Biden and his drones on the left, the infrastructure bills they have proposed would already be in place, dragging our economy even farther down the drain. Instead, it’s only been to the thanks of more moderate Democrats such as West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Arizona’s Krysten Sinema that the laws haven’t been passed.

Democrats who, unlike most of them, actually care about America and where she’s headed as opposed to what they can get out of her.

The only way to ensure that never happens is to take back control of Congress and put a stop to their madness. And it looks like Herschel Walker is just the man to do that. Apparently, Donald Trump believes that, too.