Newsom Runs Over High School Students With Bus As He Requires Ethnics Testing Before Graduation

Amir Aziz /

Gavin Newsom thinks that he is invincible since he survived a recall election. Ever since the socialist beat the odds, he has been acting more like a nasty dictator as he slowly destroys the state of California. His latest violation of freedom was to sign a bill that requires all graduating high schoolers to pass an ethnic studies class as part of the state’s requirements for graduation. Each student will be filled with liberal poison, which they must regurgitate before getting their high school diploma.

The naughty democratic socialist wants to make life hard for every child under his abuse. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that all The San Francisco Chronicle reported, “High school students in California will be required to learn about the contributions and oppression of people of color in America, under a measure Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Friday.”

The governor is adding more barriers that students will have to overcome to achieve their high school diploma. Those students in high school now can breathe fresh air knowing that they will not have to endure the insanity of Newsom. But those students starting in 2029 will have to suffer through liberalism 101.

The new bill also forces schools to provide an ethnic studies class within the next four years. Schools will have to hire new teachers and provide space to meet up with Newsom’s radical idea to brainwash kids into hating each other.

Newsom’s idiotic bill is called Assembly Bill 101, and it supposedly teaches kids their origins. He wrote that “Students deserve to see themselves in their studies, and they must understand our nation’s full history if we expect them to one day build a more just society.” The problem is that liberals will be writing the material and will undoubtedly make the white man a villain.

The liberals see the bill as a stop in the right direction to providing equal education for everyone. But his beliefs make no sense because he believes that the founding of America is not what is traditionally held by previous generations. He thinks that the white man took over the land and murdered the native inhabitants.

Jose Medina is a state politician and Democrat serving with Newsom. He is the architect of the poisonous bill. He wrote that “Students cannot have a full understanding of the history of our state and nation without the inclusion of the contribution and struggles of Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans.”

The problem with his approach is it erases what it means to be an American. The nation is not a collection of smaller nations but people from other places. The country is the United States of America and it is a place where all stand under one banner. But Newsom and other Democrats want to erase that identity which, in turn, damages America.

The entire bill is grounded in the Critical Race Theory. This most dangerous teaching puts racism at the heart of everything that makes America a great nation today.

Medina plays right into the liberal’s plan when he praises the students who marched around acting like they know what they are doing or want for themselves.

And of course, Newsom has his supporters that the liberal media has faithfully put before the camera. They tell their stories of how CRT has changed their lives and made them out to be the people they are today. But all they have turned into is liberal drones doing the will of their masters.

Joe Biden has done a disservice to the American people. He has yet to support and listen to the will of the people. His underling, Gavin Newsom, is no better. He does not listen to any person under his evil reign. Instead, he would tell people what to do and what to believe than let people learn to live free and make up their minds about things.