United Airlines Schooled by Judge on How They Cannot Bully Their Employees

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Large corporations are taking Biden’s illegal mandate to the extreme as they force employees to get the vaccine or risk losing their jobs. United Airlines is just one of many employers making life miserable for all the workers in a long line. But United is finding out that there are limits to what they can demand of their workers. And telling them to get an injection is not an order people will take when it violates their beliefs.

A federal judge ruled that United Airlines is forbidden to fire or put employees on unpaid leave if seeking an exemption from the mandate. United tried to penalize people who wanted to refuse the vaccine, and they threatened people that they would be put on unpaid leave or fired for their refusal to comply. The workers had their freedoms zapped away by liberal money lovers.

67,000 people are affected by United Airlines’ decision to follow Bidens’s mandate. These people know their rights, so six decided that it would be best to take a legal route against the company. The airline already has about 90 percent of its workers vaccinated. But just a handful of the rest wanted to wait. Some of them would have had natural immunity, but that does not count in Biden’s world.

These six heroes told United that they were not going to comply and decided to sue the company. They argued that United was stuck in a “pattern of discrimination against employees who requested religious or medical accommodations.” Unpaid leave is just a fancy way of firing a person, and the company can quietly forget they are there and hire someone else.

Mark Pittman is the U.S. District Judge who took the cases and issued the injunction against the airline. The restraining order bars United from taking any action against employees who sought out an exemption. The company was told they could not keep paychecks from the workers or fire any of them for taking a stand for what they believed was right.

Pittman wrote in his ruling that “The court is not currently ruling on the merits of the parties’ arguments on these points. Rather, the court seeks simply to avoid the risk of irreparable harm to the parties and to maintain the status quo while the court holds an evidentiary hearing.” The court wanted to make sure that everyone continued to get paid until a time could be set to hear all the arguments.

Pittman also told United that all late exemptions had to be approved. They could not deny them because they had been turned in late.

United had already agreed to refrain from putting people on unpaid leave. But that agreement was going to expire, and they were looking forward to getting rid of the problem before it could reach the courts. But, they were too slow…

United fired back and stated that “Vaccine requirements work and nearly all of United’s U.S. employees have chosen to get a shot. For a number of our employees who were approved for an accommodation, we’re working to put options in place that reduce the risk to their health and safety, including new testing regimens, temporary job reassignments, and masking protocols.”

The statement is just a public relations stunt to keep people from forming a terrible opinion about the airline. This kind of lawsuit is bound to have financial ramifications for them long after these people have moved on from the company.

Mark Paoletta is the lawyer fighting the six employees. He noted that “United Airlines’ refusal to provide reasonable accommodations to its vaccine mandate violates the federal civil rights protections of our clients, the hard-working men and women at United. We look forward to our clients’ rights be permanently protected.”

Scott Kirby, the CEO for United, came out and said people were going to be fired for not taking the vaccine. He admitted that of the 67,000 employees working at United, 232 had not been vaccinated, and he was looking forward to firing them as soon as he could.