China Has Its Citizens Hunting Down American Spies…It’s a Nat’l Game Fueled by Propaganda

Davi Costa /

China and propaganda are synonymous in meaning. All forms of communication, including television and radio, are strictly controlled by the communist regime. Because the communists are pros in the art of manipulation and have held power for a great length of time, to the brain-washed citizens they lord over, their word is gospel. It’s all their loyal subjects are privy to, and holy Chinaman, their rulers just came up with a real doozy that takes the egg-foo-young. 

Based on the childhood game of hide-and-seek, or a convict on the run, the Chinese government just announced the start of a new game that involves the entire country. Sorta like searching for a virtual Pokeman in a park, China’s citizens are going to be searching every wet market and alleyway in the country hunting down real and very much alive, American spies. They’re everywhere. 

The commies got the masses all riled up via social media and a Chinese newspaper. “Let’s fight a ‘people’s war’ against the spies so that they cannot move a single step and have no place to hide!”

Beijing has developed a severe case of paranoia over the CIA launching its new mission center for one purpose only. To watch China like a hawk. China warned its citizens to be ever vigilant against America’s growing threat. Words like “espionage” were used since the Chinese adore James Bond.

CIA director William Burns said the Chinese are “the most important geopolitical threat we face in the 21st century.”

A video released on Chinese television arbitrarily told viewers that the U.S. was involved in a recruiting campaign to hire spies who not only speak fluent Mandarin, but also, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Hokkien, and Hakka. “They could be living next to you.”

The dog-diners are buying it. The video made it onto Chinese social media where it went viral with over 280 million views. It was the top trending topic on Weibo, China’s highly controlled Twitter wannabe. 

The People’s Liberation Army Daily acts as a mouthpiece for China’s military on Weibo. They went for the gold by saying, “Foreign hostile forces have been working very hard, and (we) should never drop our guard on national security work. But no cunning fox can beat a good hunter. To safeguard national security, we can only trust the people, rely on the people.” 

They said the U.S. has more “sinister and unbearable measures” waiting to be unleashed. It’ll be an invasion from within and everyone is in danger.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that what the CIA is up to is just “a typical symptom of the Cold War mentality.”

Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said, “(The) relevant US agency should view China’s development and China-US relations in an objective and rational light, and stop doing things detrimental to mutual trust and cooperation between China and the US and China’s sovereignty, security, and development interests.”

The Chinese government told citizens that the U.S. poses a huge threat to their everyday lives, but this isn’t the first time they’ve been told similar lies.

Previous campaigns to flush out spies have involved huge cash rewards, but not only for ratting out a foreigner. Other campaigns have involved anyone daring to speak out against the government. These included campaigns against journalists, feminists, lawyers, social activists, and pretty much anyone who couldn’t keep their mouth shut.

Not that anyone in their right mind is planning on vacationing in Bejing anytime soon, but if you are, do so at the risk of being tackled and hogtied in the street by a bunch of over-zealous Chinese citizens playing hide and seek.