County in Oregon Requests Help of Nat’l Guard…Cops Don’t Have Enough Funding To Stop Illegal Grow Farms


In July 2016, Oregon became one of the first pioneer states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The move came as no great surprise considering how the liberal state had never enforced state or federal pot laws anyway. But the legalization had no impact whatsoever on ridding Oregon of its illegal pot farms that continue to present danger to anyone who mistakenly wanders too close to one of the very many.

A county in southern Oregon has become so overrun with illegal pot farms that they declared a state of emergency. The growers are not very neighborly. This prompted the police to raid one of the farms where they confiscated 17,500 plants for a total of 2 tons of illegally grown marijuana. One farm.

Besides the farmers not wishing to be disturbed, the violence they bring with them is not the only dangerous issue. Illegal growers use chemical enhancers to grow plants faster and to increase their potency. However, they overload the plants to such a degree that the “high” someone experiences are often the result of chemical enhancers and not from the plant itself. 

Raiding one farm didn’t even scratch the surface of what Jackson County is up against. The entire county has been so ransacked by the criminal element that the commissioners have called on Oregon Gov. Kate Brown to send in the troops. They’ve asked for the Oregon State National Guard “to assist, as able, in the enforcement of laws related to the production of cannabis.”

They didn’t stop there. They also called on Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney to get involved, along with House Speaker Tina Kotek. The county has requested additional funding to launch an all-out war. If they get their way, it’s going to be guns a-blazing. They’ve had enough. It’s high time to drop their liberal ways and get serious.

Jackson County is located near the California border, which makes it a good distribution point for the growers. 3,900 pounds of the recently confiscated marijuana was in the form of sticky buds, bagged up and ready to go. 

As would be anticipated, all of the 26 arrested farmworkers were illegal migrants. The big hombre in charge of the operation slipped out the back, Jack. Police say they have a fairly good idea who it is and they’ve issued warrants.

Courtney agrees with bringing in the National Guard. This is a bigger job than law enforcement can handle, especially since the state foolishly slashed its budget last year. All of the migrant workers are armed with anything from poison dart guns to AK-47’s.

Spoken like a liberal Democrat who’s finally seen the light, Courtney said, “You can’t solve it just at the local level, and you cannot solve it, I’m afraid, just at the usual state level and have some more state troopers down there. The National Guard, they’re going to have to get deployed down there some way or other.”

The county commissioners explained how the migrant workers are living in “appalling conditions.” They’ve been exploited and most likely forced to do what they are doing. They live in ragged tents and there is no running water in which to bathe. Likewise, there are no toilets. Their food remains unrefrigerated and is cooked on old pieces of metal over open fires, generally fueled by their own garbage.

The illegal growers are more than aware of Oregon’s lack of law enforcement capabilities and it’s why more and more of them keep coming as they slowly push their ways further north into the state. Jackson County wants to head them off at the pass and push them back into California where most of them coming from.

Meanwhile, liberal California has developed the same exact problem and they’re trying to push them north into Oregon. If it weren’t such a serious and dangerous problem it would almost be laughable. Still. You’re allowed to chuckle a little bit.

No doubt, the Oregon National Guard is going to have to go into Jackson County full scale to run these growers out. However, once the Guard has completed their mission and returned to their homes, so will the growers. 

In the long run, since the chance of the National Guard coming to the rescue twice won’t happen, and the state defunded a good portion of its law enforcement, the illegal growers will end up being better off than they were, and new ones will keep coming. Life is good in Oregon. For them anyway…