Here They Come Again and Again and Again

Vic Hinterlang /
Vic Hinterlang / Vic Hinterlang /

Joe Biden has opened the border for illegals to walk right on into the country. He loves to put them on the Biden bus and ship them around the country to liberal regions so he can try and pad his vote count during elections. He has openly rejected helping Americans protect their freedoms and private property from the invasion of the illegals out of Mexico and other countries.

Joe Biden has even defied an order of the Supreme Court to reinstate Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program. Joe Biden was so jealous of the success of his predecessor that he just had to remove every good thing that was in place. And now, one caravan after another is pressing the border, trying to gain access illegally.

Biden has opened America up to attack by an invading army. He just cannot be trusted to protect the country the way a president should.

And now that millions have attacked the southern border in less than a year, 2,000 more illegals are on their way to attack the southern states. Biden’s neglect of the border has led Donald Trump to address the issue and call attention to things that the liberal media would love the people to forget about.

Trump stated that “The largest caravan in history is coming towards us, and we are totally unprepared and doing nothing about it. Complete the wall and get tough. Our Country is being systematically destroyed before our very eyes!” The only way to get things under control is to get rid of the Democrats and flood Washington with loving American Republicans.

Kamala Harris and Biden ignorantly turn their heads and act like there is nothing wrong at the border. The vice president even acts like she takes trips to the border, hoping to make people believe that no illegal crossings are taking place. But instead of heading to a hot spot, she ends up far away from the trouble and acts like she is doing her job.

The illegals know what they are doing because people like Jill Biden and other treasonous liberals educate the illegals on how to get into the country. They are traitors to the country and need to be treated as such. But the Democrats in the Senate and House are in league with the president and not willing to do what is necessary to secure the country.

Migrants from all over the world are moving right on into the country. They come from Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, and other places that seem hostile to live. But what is being discovered is that many of these people are leaving good lives just for a crack at a better one. And some of the so-called asylum seekers are nothing more than gang members looking to join their brothers in the big cities.

The caravan in question has already violently attacked other border checkpoints on the way north. They have no problem attacking military personnel from other countries. So, it stands to reason that they will force their way in when they reach the border.

Donald Trump had the border fixed and was ready to work with the Senate and House to find a more permanent solution. But the dirty old Democrats fought back and did not want to pass any legislation to fix the southern border.

Joe Biden made things even worse when he canceled the building of the wall project that was designed to keep illegals out and Americans protected. Old man Biden stopped the wall production on his first day in office.

The southern states are under attack, and the Republican governors are doing everything they can to stop the invasion. Greg Abbott from Texas has even started building the wall that Trump started using state funds and private help to finish the task.

Biden does not understand that Americans do not want the illegals coming over without going through the proper channels. But listening to the American people is not an option with creepy Joe Biden in office.