Rep. Ilhan Omar Blames the Police She Plans to Defund for Crime Surge in Minneapolis

Mike Jett /
Mike Jett /

Seems like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) wants to have her political cake and eat it, too. Or, maybe, she just wants to smash that cake into the face of the police in Minneapolis.

Omar, who resides on the far-left, was one of the most vocal voices in the drive to “defund the police.” But she is now blaming the very same police for rising crime rates in the city of Minneapolis. You just can’t have it both ways…

Fox News gave a report on this inconsistency saying that Rep. Omar’s comments came at the same time that violent crime is surging in Minnesota over the last year. It has risen 17% in total, and there have been records for murders, according to the news outlet.

Fox News also noted that in the state’s largest city, Minneapolis, there has been a surge while the police department is reeling from staffing and morale issues. This has been critical since the death of George Floyd in the city. His death, according to some, fueled the crime surge.

So in the midst of all of this crisis, Omar spoke at a town hall event on Saturday in Minneapolis. The congresswoman spoke to a very friendly gathering of about 50 at her alma mater, Edison High School, in northeast Minneapolis. Her most aggressive response came to a statement made by a resident who said she had been on the verge of moving because of the increase in crime and a number of officers who have quit or claimed post-traumatic stress since George Floyd’s killing last year at the hands of police.

In her speech, Omar blamed the rising crime rates on the police department in the city. Before this event, the left tilting representative called the police in her city a “cancer,” and said that the city needed to completely dismantle the whole Minneapolis Police Department.

Ilhan Omar, then, delivered her sense of exactly what the problems are in the city. She explained that it was important to recognize that the reduction in policing that is currently taking place, along with the lawlessness that is happening now, is due to two main things. The first was that the police themselves have chosen not to fulfill their oaths of office. She said that they are willfully choosing not to provide the public safety they have promised the citizens that they serve. Omar noted that her accusations have been documented. Then, she lashed out even more and said that the police department in Minneapolis was the most dysfunctional in the state and probably in the country.

Omar, then, offered her second issue causing such a problem in her city. She said that there has to be accountability, somebody has to take responsibility for what the police invest in and she explained that it simply doesn’t exist at the moment. Omar blamed the current charter for keeping the hands of those who want to have accountability tied.

Here’s where it gets really interesting…Rep. Omar reminded the crowd that the city is mandated to have a specific amount of policing and it is a mandate that the city have the union contracts that are in place right now. She, then, boasted about the fact that she didn’t know of another city that has the charter that Minneapolis has, she said it just doesn’t exist.

The irony of this story is that Omar’s plan to fight crime includes supporting a Nov. 2 ballot measure to replace the entire Minneapolis police department with a “Department of Public Safety.” The measure would remove the requirement for the city to have a minimum number of officers based on the city’s population.