Rubio Blasts Biden’s New Plan as Utter Lunacy and a Bring Back Socialism Plan

W. Scott McGill/
W. Scott McGill/

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio just released a video on Thursday that lashed out at President Joe Biden. Rubio slammed Biden’s social spending plan right after the White House unveiled a new framework for a scaled-back version. This one reduces the plan that the Democrats originally made, which was $3.5 trillion, to a $1.75 trillion bill proposal.

Senator Rubio said in the video which he posted on YouTube and some other social media platforms, “The media and pundits are going to claim that this proves that Biden is this great dealmaker, bridging the divide between the big-government socialists and huge-government socialists.” He also noted that this plan was going to fall on those who know the truth and see the plan for what it is and inform the American people.

The Florida senator declared that the plan was not a “Build Back Better” plan, it was a “Build Back Socialist” plan.

The Daily Wire reported on Thursday that the new bill drops family leave, but it keeps universal preschool. It also keeps child care subsidies and expands affordable housing. This new bill focuses on climate change policies and expands the social safety net.

Rubio’s office also provided a press release that described the framework from the White House as a multi-trillion dollar socialist spending plan. The video from Senator Rubio took note of the Democrat’s “intra-party drama.” He took aim at the fact that the whole focus of the party is going to be on the fake top-line number.

Rubio said that “the Squad” really wants a $7 trillion plan. He explained the Democratic budget read $3.5 trillion, but the deal they are now offering, whether they say $1.5 or $1.75 or $2 trillion, really didn’t matter. Because Rubio believes that it is still socialism… “It’s still Build Back Socialism.”

Rubio wants America to be honest about what is going on in Washington and in the country today. He stated that inflation is raging and prices on everything are going out of control because of the Democratic Party. The party has already given $2 trillion of the taxpayer’s money into the economy in this year alone. And they have, in Rubio’s words, “screwed up” the supply chain. And now, the Biden administration wants to put another $2 trillion on it. He said it is like “pouring gasoline on a raging fire.”

Rubio thinks that once the White House Administration gets these programs going, it will become impossible for Congress to get the votes to pull them back or end them. He said that means the true cost of the new program will not be what they indicate today. It is going to be in the trillions of dollars.

The senator continued to warn that if Biden’s plan passes, it will result in higher inflation, an increase in the national debt, and it will create new programs that would codify socialism and put it into American law.

Rubio summed his video up by saying that this new plan from President Joe Biden is not a plan to fix America. It is a plan to demolish it and, then, rebuild the country into the socialist “utopia” that they have all been fantasizing about for a number of years in places like America’s universities and other “crazy places.”

He believes that this is not really a divide between liberals and conservatives, It is also not a divide between Republicans or Democrats. This is a divide between “normal and crazy,” between those with common sense and “utter lunacy.”

Rubio is looking now for the media and other pundits to claim that this new deal proves that Biden is a great dealmaker. It’s only a matter of time before they make the villain into the hero…