AWOL Military Weapons is a Problem…and Congress Might Have a Solution

Grzegorz Pedzinski/
Grzegorz Pedzinski/

It seems like the federal government has a serious problem with weapons. It’s not bad enough that we left behind countless weapons and military vehicles in Afghanistan. Now, it seems like we’ve been losing military weapons off of bases for years.

Congress might have a solution so that, at the very least, military weapons stop going AWOL. That’s good news, especially since the liberals love to blame lax background checks on why there are guns out on the streets. Perhaps the blame lies more with the military than the government wants to admit.

It all started because of an Associated Press investigation that showed how firearms stolen from U.S. military bases were resurfacing in violent crimes that were being committed.

So, Congress is planning on imposing new rules so that guns and explosives don’t go missing in action.

What’s being proposed is that the Department of Defense would have to tell lawmakers and civilian law enforcement authorities alike when guns vanish – either from military armories, warehouses, or shipments.

During the 2010s, the AP found that at least 2,000 firearms were lost or stolen from the various DOD branches of the military. And that’s just what they’ve been able to find. There are likely countless more that have yet to be recovered.

It’s understandable that a military base doesn’t want to disclose that they “lost” guns. Imagine how that would sound. Ummm, yeah, we’re not sure how that happened, but we lost a couple of M4s. Yikes. No one wants to admit that such a thing happened. Yet, apparently, it’s happening more often than anyone wants to talk about.

We don’t have to worry about John Doe going into a gun shop to buy an assault rifle. When the liberals want to talk about gun control, that’s really not where the issues are stemming from. Americans should be able to go into a gun shop and buy guns and ammo without issue.

What we do have to worry about is a disgruntled military servicemember offloading the M4 he smuggled out of the armory. Law-abiding citizens aren’t going to buy an M4 out of a marine’s trunk. However, those who plan on committing mass shootings will.

The liberal gun control issues need to stop until they can get a handle on things happening right under their noses. The fact that there are any guns (and let’s not forget explosives) going missing from bases is terrifying.

As more and more guns (including rifles and pistols) disappeared, the Department of Defense stopped notifying Congress of the losses and thefts. That’s about to stop because lawmakers are creating stricter accountability, as they should.

The bipartisan legislation is being viewed as a “must-pass” and it will set a number of policy priorities for the Pentagon.

Military officials have already identified through a series of interviews that they are aware of the many problems in which weapons are tracked through the various bases and supply chains.

Democratic leaders on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Austin and the leaders of the various service branches that read, “We are concerned that DOD has seemingly not yet developed a coherent strategy to improve its ability to account for military weapons and equipment.”

This is a significant problem and one that Congress is prepared to deal with. In the meantime, who knows how many military weapons may be wandering the streets of America…